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This listing is for one complete set of Lunar & Menstrual Cycle Vaginal Steaming blends, from The heART of Ritual.

As a passionate advocate of womb health, vaginal steaming is an ancient practice, treatment and ritual that I feel ALL women should do regularly. It is a wonderfully intimate form of womb ritual and self care and one that should be part of our weekly routine and rituals.


This set comprises of four different blends, each to connect you with a specific week in the lunar phase and/or your menstrual cycle. These were created as a lunar/water element ritual for connection with the phases of the moon, and as an earth/earth element ritual to connect with and embody your cyclical nature on a physical level.


The botanical ingredients in these blends relate with the specific phase in each of the four weeks in the lunar and menstrual cycle. This ensures you can mindfully and meanfully connect with these energies and virtues through your weekly steam, week by week, throughout the lunar/menstrual cycle. The following is a roadmap to this monthly cycle and details the energetic, physical, lunar, psychological and elemental correspondences as well as Irish medicine wheel placements and keywords to draw on:


Week 1:

Dark moon phase, day 1 of menstruation. Winter, north, elder archetype, earth element, connection, rest, stillness, nourish, inner wisdom


Week 2:

First quarter moon phase, follicular phase. Spring, east, virgin archetype, air element, new beginnings, revitalize, emergence, cleanse, growth


Week 3:

Full moon phase, ovulation. Summer, south, mother archetype, fire element, power, fertility, libido, sensuality, sacred flame


Week 4:

Last Quarter moon phase, luteal phase. Autumn, west enchantress archetype, water element, flexibility, adaptability, intuition, harmony, balance (particularly in the emotional body, presented during this phase through PMS)



Add 1-2 tablespoons of your choosen herbal blend to your water as a sitz bath, vaginal steam, or bathing water. Alternatively you can make a decoction of these herbs to add to the bathing water - simply add the loose herb to a saucepan of water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 30 minutes and add to your bathing water. If you do not wish to have the loose herbs floating in your bathing water, simply strain them out before adding your herbal decoction. These herbs are compostable and can only be used once. Note that if you do not strain your herbs out of your brew before adding to the bath, you will have to ensure there is a plug strainer in place to catch the botanicals as the water drains out of the bath. If you are the proud owner of one of our handmade wooden WOMB THRONE™, then vaginal steaming takes on a whole other level of ritual, simplicity, and effectivness. See below for details!


You might also like to check out the Womb Throne™ , Niamh's revolutionary vaginal steaming seat! You can read all about it in its listing, in the APOTHECARY section of this shop.

Lunar/Menstrual Cycle Vaginal Steaming Blends Set (Set of 4)

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    Topical ritual products are not intended for consumption and as with all natural products, a skin 'patch test’ is recommended beforehand to see if you have any unique sensitivities. Discontinue use if a rash occurs. Our topical ritual products should not be applied to broken skin, sensitive skin, or mucus membranes. Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying to the skin.

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Season • Autumn

Element • Water

Direction • West

Archetype • Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype

Themes & Focus for this Collection

This collection celebrates all things Autumn/Water Element and coincides with the fire festival of Lúnasa, the ancient Celtic festival that marks the transition from Summer into Autumn.