Throughout 2016 and 2017 Niamh continued weaving the Stone Mad Healing Star into a complete, full sensory, ceremonial offering, naming it The heART of Ritual™. The idea for this grew from her wish to bring living ceremony, sustainability, creative expression, and nature connection even more to the forefront, and to facilitate an accessible, full sensory, wHolistic, at home experience that reflected her approach with her in person events. In January 2017 she launched The heART of Ritual MOONBOX™, a monthly home subscription service that gives people the intimate opportunity to personally experience her themed, handcrafted, lunar collections in the comfort of their own home. Within its first month, subscriptions were full and The heART of Ritual MOONBOX was winging its way to homes throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

In July 2015 she began volunteering as a counsellor at Red Cross refugee camps, and in 2017 this work saw her launch a mobile clinic offering free trauma support for at-risk minority communities displaced through violence. This work continues.

In March 2018 her home and workspace was badly damaged by flooding and she lost her life's work. The space was gutted, structural repair took five months, and during that time she rolled up her sleeves and started over once again, gathering new herbs for the apothecary and making remedies in her kitchen. By September her clinic and apothecary were back up and running and fully stocked. The same month she launched The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS™, MOONWHEEL™ and MOONDROPS™.

Her teaching academy was formally launched in Winter 2018 as a way for her to share in-depth knowledge of the advanced healing arts through her two signature courses - her Crystal Therapeutics (Level 1-3 Training), and ‘Wild Medicine Making Year’ Herbal Mentorship programs. She also offers one to one online mentorship through her BIOPHILIA Mentorship - an intimate program that focuses on sustainable earth based practices, natural healing, eco-psychology, the energetics of BEing, wildcrafting, prayer expression, and much more. In March 2019 she released the first set of BIOPHILIA cards.

2020 was shaping up to be a big year, she had a full program of events and several new product launches planned. In January she was in meetings with a printing house in North Italy where her book releases were to be printed, and working on designs for her upcoming textile and tableware range. The second set of BIOPHILIA cards was prepared for a Spring release, a new seasonal subscription program called ELEMENTS was being launched that summer, her RITUAL RHYTHM™ line of hand crafted music instruments was being launched in autumn along with her WOMB THRONE™ vaginal steam chair, and in winter, her ALCHEMY CHOCOLATES™ would be released. June 2020 would also have seen the launch of her ‘Alchemy of BEing’ Retreat program, an advanced skill based program for care workers and professional therapists. Then Covid arrived, all plans were put on hold indefinitely, and the country entered a total lockdown for months.


Throughout 2020, the clinic supported community remotely, all courses, retreats and gatherings were postponed, then cancelled, and all plans, product development and production stopped. The growing and gathering of native medicinals continued (albeit within the confines of her own little garden), and the creation of herbal remedies for the apothecary didn’t stop. Her response to isolation and community no longer having access to her apothecary was to make it available online. And that's exactly what she did.

In late October 2021 her ‘Elements of BEing’ residential retreat and ceremonial drum birthing weekend (‘heARTbeat Retreat’) took place in Ireland and joyously marked the end of a two year Covid hiatus from in person retreat facilitation. In November 2021 she launched her own dedicated digital nest to coincide with the Celtic New Year, and was finally born.

Niamh has continued with her writing and regularly contributes articles on energetic and crystal healing, nutrition, conscious living, natural health, wild and raw food, and mindfulness for several publications in Europe and the US. She is currently finishing her SoulFOOD book on wild seasonal food and nature based soul nourishment, a book that she has been gathering and testing recipes for since her teenage years. She is also writing an extensive book on earth based traditions, land based creative practice, ritual and ceremony throughout the (Irish) Celtic Wheel of the Year.


Over the years she's declined publishing offers due to the non sustainable ways they wanted to print her books. She has always been very clear that her books need to fully reflect the work (and contents) by being green, ethically produced, supportive of local economy and small business, printed on paper made from locally sourced post consumer materials, non toxic inks, and as carbon neutral and sustainable as possible. It might seem like an impossible list, but it is not, as this is the set up she has in place for all of her printed materials to date through a local family run printing business that is powered on hydro and solar energy. This approach is more expensive of course, one that drastically reduces the profit margins for traditional publishers, however, she has a deep sense of responsibility, ethics, and duty where her work is concerned, and to print cheap books on the other side of the world (as suggested) would lack responsibility, be misrepresentative, and hypocritical, especially when her work is based on earth based living and green ceremony. Her response; in 2021 she founded her own publishing house, heARTlands Publishing™.


She will publish her work exclusively through heARTlands Publishing so as to ensure that they are honestly, mindfully, and sustainably produced in a way that fully reflects her intimate relationship with nature and respect for the natural world. These heirloom books, together with several new card sets, a graphic novel, nature based educational games, and a children’s book on mindfulness and sacred ecology, are scheduled for release between 2022 and 2025 through heARTlands Publishing™.