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Niamh considers herself both a traveller and a student on the path of mindful living, learning and growing through direct first hand experience, finding and making ceremony in ALL. True to her roots, she embraces the native traditions of her Irish lineage and both lives and works with the natural cycles and seasons of the Celtic wheel of the year. 

Her unique approach to what she refers to as ‘wHolistic wellBEing’ draws on an extensive skill set that includes crystalline bioresonance therapy, clinical psychology, medical herbalism, bioenergetics, holistic nutrition, creative arts therapy, therapeutic sound, and more. This allows her to combine her interest, love and knowledge of both eastern and western modalities with ancestral earth based traditions and practices, resulting in what she feels is a fully integrative dynamic approach to achieving harmony, healing, and human potential.

Both an academic and intuitive, Niamh’s qualifications are as varied as her interests. She studied Modern Psychology at Princeton with a specialisation in Jungian shadow psychology within the framework of Hermeticism and Gnostic Alchemy. She holds a double diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, and Sport Injuries & Clinical Remedial Massage, and also holds a diploma in Holistic Massage & Advanced Bodywork. Much of her personal research over the past two and a half decades relates with psychosomatic dis-ease, genetic inheritance, trauma imprinting, and molecular reprogramming.

In addition to the above, Niamh has trained as a medical herbalist and optimum nutritionist, studied Indian head massage, acupressure, homoeopathy, kinesiology, aromatherapy, and has done extensive courses in folk healing, traditional medicine, and indigenous soul beliefs. She studied crystal therapy with Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, and is a master teacher in Reiki (both Usui and Tera Mai) and Seichem. She is a birth and death doula and as a ceremonialist, she lovingly facilitates ceremonies and rituals marking rites of passage. 

As a teacher and practitioner she is credited as being at the forefront of crystal healing by fellow professionals and as an energetic architect and facilitator, the mandalas and harmonic installations she creates have been celebrated worldwide. To date, her full sensory retreats, workshops, masterclasses, ceremonies, and events have led her to teach and facilitate in over thirty countries. 

Niamh a naturalist, a self-taught ethnobotanist, an avid forager, a raw and wild food enthusiast, and is a self professed plant and crystal nerd who is always to be found with either one or the other (or both) in her hands. She has a lifelong love of social, cultural and linguistic anthropology, sacred ecology, sustainability, environmentalism, and (self) awareness through connection with nature. She is a lover of animals with a keen interest in animal communication, healing, nutrition, psychology, welfare and rehabilitation, and her work financially supports rehabilitation centers and shelters in Ireland, Austria, America, Australia and India. All this, and so much more, form the foundations of who she is in spirit.

Whether it is through learning how to work with food as medicine, creative healing through oral traditions, story, art, dance or sound, or through crystalline BEing, psychology, natural remedies, her in person or online offerings, Niamh's dynamic service to humanity is clear - to listen and serve as a crystalline conduit, assisting to you to assist yourself. Through this process comes the gift of remembering, re-connection, reclaiming, and re-embodiment of your Divine role, as your own 'guru' and healer.


If you would like to get in touch with her, she can be reached via the contact form on this website.

About Niamh
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