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Over the years, Niamh has worked extensively to develop community enrichment programs both at home and abroad. She began a seed exchange program within her own community and established a garden for children and young adults to learn about native wild edibles and healing herbs. She offers seasonal workshops and classes which educate and reconnect participants with medicinal plants indigenous to their area, and hosts an annual nature based summer program for young wildlings via her hedge school. 

She set up and continues to fund a free holistic health community library and her clinic offers pro bono consultations two days a week. As a therapist and humanitarian, she established a mobile clinic to travel to remote, war torn, and underprivileged communities, through which she offers free trauma counselling, creative therapy, psychological support, ceremony, and rites of passage. 

As a conservationist, she started her ‘Future Forests’ reforestation program which collects wild native tree seed and reintroduces the young saplings back to the wild each year. An offshoot of this has her growing and reintroducing rare native medicinal plants from purchased seed in order to increase their population once again in the wild. She is passionate about preserving Irish oral traditions and indigenous culture; her storytelling gatherings and song circles promote creative cultural exchange through song, story, dance, and music, and her workshops promote, preserve, and contribute to the continuence of native skillsets. She is currently researching and documenting the local traditions and lore of her home area in Ireland, and she's founder of both the Alpine Mindfulness & Sacred Ecology Network and the Alpine Wise Woman Gatherings. All of these community offerings, and more, are exclusively financed through her teaching incomes and reinvested back into the community in the spirit of paying it forward. 

 ‘If you build it, they will come’ - Niamh's aim is to open a non profit self sustainable wHolistic healing farm and offer this space as a restorative therapeutic space for creatives, for those suffering from burnout, and for those experiencing disconnection. It will also include a traditional earthwork non-denominational community space for contemplation, a Celtic Tree of the Year grove, and a sky garden.

Niamh is currently based in the Alps and divides her time between there, the Balkans, and West Cork, where her father and sister still live. Her mountain home in the Alps is shared with her pack, runs on solar and hydro power, and her hope is to achieve a zero waste home, clinic and business. She grows her own organic vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, and medicinals from her own seeds, and gathers wild native edible and medicinal ingredients year round.

If you would like to get in touch with her, she can be reached via the contact form on this website.


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