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The heART of Ritual

elements of being

A Samhain Retreat Intensive for Transition, Surrender, and Birthing the New

with Niamh Croistail
Founder of The heART of Ritual

West Cork, Ireland  |  October 18-25, 2024


Simply put, individuation is about transformation. It means being willing to embrace a lifetime of full-fledged metamorphosis analogous to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly over and over again. It means letting go of the defining characteristics that make up our identity for the sake of becoming something further enhanced by the Self, with a capital “S”, the Divine spark within us. The pain in this process is the pain of breaking through our own limitations. The joy is our increased capacity for living and feeling at home within ourselves, and experiencing our wholeness.' -  Bud Harris, Ph.D.


Steeped in earth based ancestral tradition, Elements of BEing is a full sensory rite of passage, a seven night residential retreat that explores the mystical and magical journey of our wild, indigenous, and all knowing nature through wisdom of place.


During our week together you will discover how it is to be part of this primal land of natural beauty and extremes, a place where you can experience both the story of the Earth and the epicness of space, a place where you explore nature at its most raw and powerful, and receive much needed gift of time to recognize and embrace this within yourSelf. This is a time devoted to cultivating and aligning your own inner nature - human presence infused with wild landscapes that both allows and reveres aliveness in its fullest expression. It is time dedicated to exploring the wild edges of BEing, to observe the borderlands of where we have allowed ourselves to become hardened, and the opportunity to enter a place filled with infinite possibility and trust.



Throughout the retreat we explore sustainable, loving ways of letting found elements of nature inform our personal spiritual expression and practice. These wild ingredients situate prayer and poetry in the world, offering a sort of ‘terroir’, stories of time and place through which we can learn and grow. They cultivate intimate awareness, both of the land surrounding us and within us, as well as the qualities inherent to each ingredient themselves. As we work closely with what we gather, stories are revealed and we begin to hear its whispers, its wisdom and secrets, and learn how it is an integral part of healing our own mind, body and spirit. These secrets are only revealed when we slow down, observe, listen mindfully, and allow nature, both around us and within us, to express itself fully. Through this sacred journey we relearn to commune once more with prima materia (Source Material), and find the eyes and ears within as we pass through the door to the unknown country inside.


We always take alot of care to ensure we host our gatherings in the perfect surroundings, both inside and out, in spaces that are fully conducive to healing on all levels. Reducing carbon footprint, ecology, sustainability, and environmentalism are issues we are very passionate about, and our nest for this retreat meets all of our needs and wishes in this regard...and more!


Our location for Elements of BEing is a 96 acre private luxury waterfront estate, nestled amongst the ancient oaks of Glengarriff Nature Reserve. The house is the masterwork of a famous Swiss architect and designed to blend perfectly with the glorious landscape of trees, meadows and water. Built of mellow local stone, this space makes full use of organic natural materials throughout and has forest and garden walks, panoramic views of Glengarriff Harbour and Garnish Island, and spectacular ocean views.  The old growth native forest hosts free roaming deer, feral goats, and many more native wildlife species. Both Glengarriff Harbour and Bantry Bay are wildlife sanctuaries for the local sea eagle, cetacean, and seal populations...

To continue reading, and for full details of this residential program, please download our retreat brochure.


A Samhain Retreat Intensive for Transition, Surrender, and Birthing the New

with Niamh Croistail
Founder of The heART of Ritual

West Cork, Ireland  |  October 18-25, 2024


the way she held space for us as individuals and as a group is extraordinary. i have never felt so seen, so heard, so safe, so nourished, and so connected as i did during my time with niamh. i've done alot of retreats in my life and if there is one retreat everyone should do, this is it. hands down.

- USA -

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