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This is The heART of Ritual Womb Throne™, created for your vaginal steaming pleasures!


To celebrate this season, the first ten orders will receive a free gift of this season's speciality herbal vaginal steaming blend in a beautiful hand crafted EU made natural linen drawstring, and a mini ritual fumigation bundle (aka smudge) made with eleven species of native Mugwort that grow here. The steam blend is a water offering representing the lunar/feminine, dark aspect, the fumigation bundle represents the solar/masculine/light aspect, both together ensure a complete ritual honouring the whole.


It’s been a long gestation to birth this very vital offering into BEing, eight years actually, and as this is very big news for me personally, I want to share this wild womb adventure with you…


As a professional therapist and women's health advocate, womb health has always been a very big part of my work, however it has also been a huge part of my personal journey of physically, mentally, and energetically healing, and reclaiming the cauldron that is my womb. Not just the womb within me, but the energetic womb, the collective womb, the planetary womb, and cosmic womb too, as well as womb work on matriarchal bloodlines.


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