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This listing is for one 'Tidal Pool' Ritual Tea Bowl, from The heART of Ritual.


These Tidal Pool ritual tea bowls are multi tasking, functional, hand crafted, art pieces for your tea drinking/moon water making/lunar divining and scrying pleasures!


These hand sculpted 'Tidal Pool' ritual tea bowls are made from wild clay gathered along the north and south shores of Bantry Bay, and glazed with Kelp gathered on the beach (in a place called Beach). No two are the same, and each has a very different design layout of handsculpted barnacles and limpets inside!

Over the past while I've shared images on how I gathered, processed, hand sculpted, and glazed these vessels, along with photos of the landscape and seascape that inspired them. If you would like to read more on this, feel free to scroll through my social media profiles.

Their texture makes them a joy to hold ~ without realizing it, you will be stroking them and gazing deeply inside! I love everything about these...their organic shape, their size, weight, the contrasts, textures, colours, how they sit perfectly into your hands. The outer (unglazed) texture is inspired by rocks found along the shore ~ old red sandstone, limestone, basalt and slate.


These are glazed with food safe materials and strictly speaking should be possible to put in the dishwasher, but I personally would not. I feel gently and lovingly hand washing our ritual tools and caring for them respectfully is a vital part of spiritual practice.

Hand sculpted 'Tidal Pool' Ritual Tea Bowl

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    Our Autumn season shop opening takes place from
    9am on July 21st until 6pm on August 9th

     All times are Irish time. Orders ship from August 19th onwards and are fulfilled on a first come first served basis. 'Made to order' offerings ship from August 26th onwards.

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    Season • Autumn

    Element • Water

    Direction • West

    Archetype • Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype

    Themes & Focus for this Collection

    This collection celebrates all things Autumn/Water Element and coincides with the fire festival of Lúnasa, the ancient Celtic festival that marks the transition from Summer into Autumn.

    Autumn/Water references throughout this ephemeral collection include;


    The Element of Water, the Moon, the Sacral Chakra (also in conjunction with it's pairing with the Third Eye), the chakras of the Knees and Elbows, Emotional WellBEing, the Urinary System and Fluid Body, Womb Health, Flexibility, Flow, Release, Intuition, Shadow Consciousness, Reclaiming Equilibrium, Abundance, and of course, Water Rituals for the Head, Heart and Hands.

    Full insights into the season, it's energies, themes, and virtues are shared in depth in our newsletter. This gifts invaluable knowledge on the sacred framework of the season, and details the creative insights that inspired and shaped the offerings. To read more about our collection, receive exclusive early access, and a members only preview of these ephemeral offerings, sign up for our newsletter. Newsletters are sent just once a season.

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