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This listing is for one Wild Rose Crystal Candle Ritual Set, from The heART of Ritual.

These elegant large pillar candles are stunning beacons of light both by day and night. They carry the delicate scent of wild rose blossoms on the June full moon, and share this intimately with your immediate environment...and your heart!


Lovingly crafted from 100% organic non gmo European grown soy wax, these pillar candles have a EU grown organic cotton wick, my own wild rose ritual oil, and hand gathered finely ground Spanish pyrite and selenite powders (which can be seen shimmering beautifully in the liquid wax when the candle is lighting).


Each candle is embossed with my botanical Celtic Wheel of the Year prayer mandala, this serves as an energetic manifestor for your space and a visual tool for conscious invocations and healing.


These light offerings burn evenly, they burn clean, and they are so beautiful to touch (I never thought I would hear myself refer to touch while holding a candle, but it is true in this case). They are 100% handcrafted, hand-poured, natural, organic, ethical, sustainable and vegan. When burned correctly, these have 90+ hours of the most beautiful atmospheric light to share with you....


Your candle comes to you lovingly wrapped in handmade plant fibre paper, and ritually sealed with dried seasonal botanicals and my Celtic Wheel of the Year mandala debossed in wax and crystal powders. Each comes with its very own handcrafted textured fireproof dish (made wild kaolin clay that I gathered by hand in the Balkans), and an elegant vessel filled with matchsticks to ignite your candle. See photos for reference.


There is a choice of two different style vessels to hold your candle; fully textured, or partially textured (the immediate space around the Celtic Wheel of the Year mandala is not textured). I love both and was unable to choose which one I preferred, so decided to offer both styles for you to choose from. Please see the photographs for reference and choose the dish you want from the drop down menu.I'm hoping once the candles have accompanied your prayer and have burned down, that those who purchase these sets will use the vessels for something special afterwards as they are ever so pretty.As always, please burn candles responsibly and never leave unattended. We ask that you please read the safety instructions listed here both in image and writing.

Wild Rose Crystal Candle Ritual Set (3 Piece Set, 100% Organic Non-GMO EU Soy)

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  • I have wanted to make clean ethical candles for my own home, prayer spaces, and gatherings for quite a while now and after almost ten years of failing to source candles like this on the market for my own spaces, I have done what I always do - I've made it myself. I finally had my own custom mold made (here in Europe) over the winter, so the time is now.


    I have to be honest and say I never realized how much goes into making really good candles until I started the journey of making my own some years ago, and I've a deep found appreciation for the incredible skills required to make them well.


    I always knew how I wanted these to look, burn and feel, the ingredients I wanted to work with, and that everything needed to be locally grown, clean burning, and organic. The journey of learning to make my own pillar candles, and the skills and art behind doing so, really showed me how many poorly made and unhealthy candles I've purchased in my life. The amount of wax wasted with badly made candles is insane, and most common and mass market candle making ingredients these days pollute your air with both toxins and smoke and reduce oxygen levels in your is rather alarming really. Even those choosing to produce beeswax candles en mass and claim they are ethical, what cost is this to the bees? How zero imprint is it really? I invite you to do your own research on this and I'm sure that if you are someone that lives by candlelight like me, and/or works with them ritually, then you will know why cleaning this up and sourcing clean ethical candles is necessary.


    I always demand ethics, sustainability, design aesthetics, energetic integrity, and practicality of everything that I do because there is zero space for nonsense when it comes to my prayer offerings. It needs to be 100% green in every way. Likewise, if I source services or ingredients outside of my own, it always needs to be 100% locally grown organic ingredients, local small business owners, and local fair trade suppliers. Hence sourcing this particular soy, and having my custom molds made here in Europe (instead of overseas which may have a cheaper price, but it has a bigger carbon footprint!). Supporting small business owners and local economy is a huge part of ensuring a healthy community, and I am mentioning this here as a way of perhaps seeding this for consideration in consumer minds.


    To me, locally grown organic non gmo soy was the only option for a clean ethical sustainable candle. I went with this soy as a base rather than beeswax as I do not feel working with beeswax