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This listing is for one Handcrafted Wild Kaolin Clay Incense Dish, from The heART of Ritual.

An ode to Sol, a nod to the element of fire and the sunny southern lands, and a fire offering for your ritual pleasures!


These are lovingly handsculpted from a white kaolin clay that I hand gathered in the Balkans (the south, direction of the fire element and summer!). After a year of processing and curing the clay, this wild earth gorgeousness was shaped by hand into these beautiful ritual dishes, adorned with my Celtic Wheel of the Year botanical prayer mandala (which represents the seasons and solar year), and fired in the kiln. Each one of these is unique and one of a kind.


I do make my own wild glazes but have left these unglazed. The reason for this is that I really want the surface to remain raw to the touch, and for the incense offerings you burn to form their own character on your dish over the time, revealing loving use and its use as a devotional vessel.


Also, as much as I am a lover of deep texture, this particular fumigation dish needed to be intentionally smooth as a reference to Sol and Fire and also to enable it to pick up the full character of the char on the surface each time your offerings are made. These natural organic curves and surfaces have been smoothened by my fingertips only...

As always, please burn incense responsibly and never leave unattended.

Handcrafted Wild Kaolin Clay Incense Dish (For Ritual Fumigation)

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9am on July 21st until 6pm on August 9th

 All times are Irish time. Orders ship from August 19th onwards and are fulfilled on a first come first served basis. 'Made to order' offerings ship from August 26th onwards.

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Season • Autumn

Element • Water

Direction • West

Archetype • Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype

Themes & Focus for this Collection

This collection celebrates all things Autumn/Water Element and coincides with the fire festival of Lúnasa, the ancient Celtic festival that marks the transition from Summer into Autumn.

Autumn/Water references throughout this ephemeral collection include;


The Element of Water, the Moon, the Sacral Chakra (also in conjunction with it's pairing with the Third Eye), the chakras of the Knees and Elbows, Emotional WellBEing, the Urinary System and Fluid Body, Womb Health, Flexibility, Flow, Release, Intuition, Shadow Consciousness, Reclaiming Equilibrium, Abundance, and of course, Water Rituals for the Head, Heart and Hands.

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