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This listing is for one Perfume Pebble (Solid Pure Botanical Perfume), from The heART of Ritual.

If I were to choose one single creature from fire season's evocative offerings to represent the collection as a whole, it would be this. The Perfume Pebble. To me, the Perfume Pebble is a secret garden, an intimate portal to a hidden place and space created just for you. Allow me to explain...


This vessel is formed with kaolin clay hand gathered from the hot south, lovingly sculpted by hand, and textured with basalt (volcanic lava stone). From there, each vessel is transformed by fire in the kiln, and filled with this season's sensual floral solid perfume.


The Perfume Pebble reclaims the intimacy of personal fragrance through passion, pleasure, play and sensory BEing. It honours time, space, devotion, and the heART of lingering so that we may discover the scent of time.


Fragrant talismans and olfactory allies are not a new thing, for the art of perfumery is ancient. What has changed between then and now is time. That time has resulted in mass produced synthetic fragrance design that largely relies on flashy packaging, expensive marketing budgets, and celebrity endorsement to sell it to a public that live and consume at an extraordinarily fast pace. In short, the buyer wants to feel like that person when they wear that product, they buy cleverly packaged illusion. Here's the thing, modern fragrances are engineered to last. Smell, and real fragrance, is ephemeral, just like the plants (and time) itself. Modern fragrances sell you intimacy through imagery, yet the 'throw' (dispersal) of those scents are designed to be shared with an entire room full of people and linger in the air long after you passed that person on the street. There is no intimacy or romance in that, and I find it to be rather vulgar and invasive.


Machines have changed our world, and maybe this is why we sigh as we run our fingers along the textured edges of a hand crafted vessel. We hardly realize how much our Soul longs to be surrounded by goods that remember the hands and heart that made them...real things made with real ingredients crafted by real people, who gave time and love to making them for you, things that are organic and have character. This is what gives them life, it's what makes them unique and precious. These are true vessels for spirit.


The Perfume Pebble is my way of reclaiming the ancient art and the intimacy of ephemeral moments. It honours touch, sensuality, the scent of time, and the evocative beauty to be discovered in experiencing such closeness. Each Perfume Pebble is a beautifully tactile natural wild clay vessel whose form is inspired by and shaped by basalt. These vessels are designed for intimate and devotional ritual in your personal prayer space and home.


The solid perfume each vessel carries is true to tradition, and ephemeral. Each time your finger applies this perfume to your skin, you are brought to intimate presence, and the reminder to enjoy each fleeting moment as long as it lasts.


For this reason I have to say that the vessel is not designed to travel in your pocket or bag, it's consciously designed to make a permanent home in your quiet places. The fragrance is shared between you and spirit, and if you so choose, it can also be shared with those who know the scent of your skin (a lover). I personally inJoy having it on next to me on my bedside locker in the mornings, and applying it as a gentle way to transition the space between sleep and awake. But that's just me, these moments are precious. Some may prefer to place it on an altar in your prayer space. For others, it may become your ritual perfume for intimate moments with your lover. This vessel is designed for a permanent place in your sacred space and this is carried through too with the solid perfume it holds. This solid perfume is not created to travel or last hours on end and fill your neighbourhood with fragrance, it is consciously created for closeness and personal pleasure, to invite you to presence in the secret garden within. Yes I could have created vessels that could mean they would travel in your pocket or handbag, but it would totally miss the point I am making and the space I am inviting you into here. This seasons hand crafted offerings are filled with this sort of magic, these initiations, adventures, and invitations to presence. It will be so interesting to see who will say 'yes' to them, and call them home...


Solid pure perfumes are traditionally sold in 5ml quantites, each Perfume Pebble is sculpted by hand, and it's belly shaped according to my eye, it's fair to say that you will receive anywhere between 8mls and 10mls of pure solid botanical perfume!


When you eventually finish your solid perfume, this beautiful vessel can be used as a little meaningful treasure box for items that hold a special place in your heart...

Perfume Pebble (Solid Pure Botanical Perfume in Handcrafted Wild Clay Vessel)

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Season • Autumn

Element • Water

Direction • West

Archetype • Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype

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