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This listing is for one Wild Clay 'Seafoam' Cacao Tumbler), from The heART of Ritual.



The 'Seafoam' Cacao Tumblers are made from wild clay gathered along the north and south shores of Bantry Bay, and glazed with Kelp gathered on the beach (in a place called Beach). No two are the same. Visual inspiration for these were the grains of sand on the smooth wet beach and the movement of the sea as it gently kisses the shore. I tried to capture this through a lush contrast beween the fine lines of the clay and the organic form and movement of the glaze as it rolls over the clay. The glaze worked some incredible magic as there are all sorts of goegeous patterns and pearly olours to be seen throughout. Definitely befitting of the lunar and ocean themes this time of year!

Over the past while I've shared images on how I gathered, processed, hand sculpted, and glazed these vessels, along with photos of the landscape and seascape that inspired them. If you would like to read more on this, feel free to scroll through my social media profiles.


All of the drinking vessels I have created for this Autumn collection are glazed with food safe materials and strictly speaking should be possible to put in the dishwasher, but I personally would not. I feel gently and lovingly hand washing our ritual tools and caring for them respectfully is a vital part of spiritual practice.



Our Rose Ormus Medicinal Cacao blend is the very definition of a self love potion. As a special surprise, this blend also includes extra special wild native ingredients that not alone tend to the heart, the heart's desires, and your hormones, but also a wide range of herbs that sooth and nourish the uterus, reduce stress, and promote a deep sense of wellBEing.


As always, this is small batch and hand crafted from raw bean to blend ~ not because I'm a Luddite, but because I feel the longer one gifts to the ceremony of mindfully creating (slowly and lovingly) by hand, the more time one has to infuse ritual and prayer into that which they are creating. Simple really, and yes, you do experience the difference when you drink it.


Please note this seasons blend is *not* suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.





This listing is for one portion of Rose Ormus Medicinal Cacao blend, from The heART of Ritual.


This organic raw cacao is packed with a whole array of fortifying and immune boosting ingredients including wild roses, wild native medicinal mushrooms, and a highly aromatic delicious selection wild berries, fruits, and spices from the mountain, meadows and woods around our nest. Raw cacao butter drops have been added to give this a deliciously creamy consistency and it's rounded off with pink peppercorns for a gentle spicy finish. I’ve also included my own rose ormus in this blend for extra heartspace vibes, and my 'Pixie Dust' blend of aromatic wild edible blossoms, fruits, berries, and spices. This is 100% raw quality pure cacao, hand ground from bean for your drinking pleasure.



I always find that after a rest, meditating, group ceremony, or even after facilitating a session for clients where they enter a deep relaxed state, it is always great to work with food to bring us back fully into our bodies, here and now. It assists us to reconnect and ground ourselves, and this cacao blend is most certainly a wonderful tool to assist with this. It prepares the space for our emergence back out into the world...soft light, delicious smells, delightful tastes, gentle vibes, slow living, conscious loving...coupled with tonics for the heart. It's a companion on the journey between states and holds such graceful and loving space throughout. As such, I highly recommend working with this blend as a ritual companion post ceremony, post meditation, during quiet moments dedicated to self care and connection.



Add 1 heaped teaspoon to water, milk, or milk substitute. Sweeten to taste. Stir well. If you would like your cup to be frothy (as seen in my cup in picture two, then whisk the blend in the pot when warmed, or alternatively whizz it up in your mixer for a few seconds before pouring it into your cup. Drink mindfully, and inJoy.


As with all offerings, every single ingredient has been hand gathered, dried and prepared by me personally, ensuring sustainable, biodynamic and ceremonious harvesting of plant medicines, highest quality organic ingredients, and energetic integrity from start to finish.


As a responsible human and environmentalist I only work with ingredients I have sustainably gathered in the wild, there are no exotic imported ingredients in anything I make. I don't use essential oils - this is a personal habit as I have super sensitive skin and I don't make essential oils myself as it requires too much plant material for a minute amount of oil and I find that to be unsustainable for our local environment here. I choose instead to add native resins, aromatic roots, leaves and flowers for their natural scents. As a ritualist, energetic integrity and balanced exchange is paramount and as such, I only work with what I've ceremoniously gathered with my own hands. That which is gathered is only done with with full permission from each plant with personal offerings gifted in gratitude by way of balancing the exchange - a balance that is a vital part of all that I am and do. These slow medicine offerings were lovingly birthed over many moon cycles from sustainably harvested, organic, wildcrafted native ingredients, our own medicinal plant extracts, wild cold pressed oils, superfine crystal powders, our tree, flower, mushroom and crystal essences, and LOVE.

Wild Clay 'Seafoam' Cacao Tumbler

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    Topical ritual products are not intended for consumption and as with all natural products, a skin 'patch test’ is recommended beforehand to see if you have any unique sensitivities. Discontinue use if a rash occurs. Our topical ritual products should not be applied to broken skin, sensitive skin, or mucus membranes. Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying to the skin.

    This listing is for one portion of the aforementioned product only and does not include any other decorative items photographed. These photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

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