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This listing is for one Artemisia 'Healer' Ritual Anointing Balm, from The heART of Ritual.


• keywords: protection, adaptability, flexibility, resilience, Self empowerment, support, trust, boundaries, embodying your inner guru/healer, healing the wounded healer, trauma recovery

This ceremonial anointing balm is for those looking to reclaim their inner healer and support their ability to self heal. Created with whole plant medicines of eleven different species of wild Artemisia species native to this area of Europe, this ritual tool is for those who are in professional service as healing facilitators for others (and require nurturance and support themselves), those who are on the transformative path to empowering and embodying themselves in their divine role as their own (Self) healer, and those who are recovering from physical/psychological abuse and/or sexual trauma. Each of these balms is adorned with a sprig of Mugwort blossoms, green heart shaped seed pods from the Shepherds Purse, and a Achillea Ptarmica blossom, also native to this area of the Alps. These were selected to symbolically honor the transformative journey of Self healing, enhance your ability to shed off old patterns, traumas, pains, and conditioning etc, and protect.


Each of these gorgeous cauldron shaped textured vessels is encrusted with absolutely stunning crystal, mineral, plant pigment and wild clay body that Niamh developed for this seasons offerings, for you to etch your personal and unique symbols, sigils, words and other marks upon. You will also receive a complimentary tool to use for etching your personal symbols and/or words upon these vessels.


Lovingly handcrafted from wild native medicinal herbs and fine crystal powders, this potent ritual anointing balm will enchant and enrapture the senses with the essence and energy it carries. Each vessel is a temple space unto itself, it's walls encrusted with hand gathered sacred earth, crystal and mineral pigments to protect the energetic integrity, and enhance and augment the properties of the ritual balm. Inside each vessel is an altar containing a full sensory prayer for your wellBEing.


Each vessel is both a potent ceremony and a spell in one, ritually sealed with beeswax, and finished with a miniature posey of seasonal wildflowers, medicinal herbs and seed heads gathered from the mountains around our nest...and a miniature key!



Apply to the heart area for point zero healing and massage in gently. If you are already fully integrated with your inner healer and this aspect of Self is consciously empowered, then the suggestion is to work with this balm by applying it to the areas that require your loving attention at any given moment. If you observe you require assistance to access to your ability to self heal in a certain area of your body, then apply the balm there and invite your past, present and future ascended Self (aka your inner healer) to come to your assistance in the way you require. When finished, please remember to thank them for their service and send them back from whence they came in love and gratitude.


There are eight ritual anointing balms to choose from in our ALCHEMY collection. There are very different energetic signatures present in these balms - what resonates with you, how you choose to work with them, your experience, the direction this takes and insights they impart is unique to you and where you are personally at in that moment on your journey and for this reason, each person's experience is unique too.

All of our ritual anointing balms are made from sustainably harvested native plants, flowers, resins, our medicinal plant tinctures, extracts, our tree, flower, mushroom and crystal essences and much more. There really are incredible plant and crystal medicines packed into each offering. Each one is 50ml practitioner size.

As a responsible human and environmentalist I only work with ingredients I have sustainably gathered in the wild, there are no exotic imported ingredients in anything I make. I don't use essential oils - this is a personal habit as I have super sensitive skin and I don't make a high enough volume of essential oils myself as it requires too much plant material for a minute amount of oil and I find that to be unsustainable for our local environment here. I choose instead to add native resins, aromatic roots, leaves and flowers for their natural scents.


As a ritualist, energetic integrity and balanced exchange is paramount and as such, I only work with what I've ceremoniously gathered with my own hands. That which is gathered is only done with with full permission from each plant with personal offerings gifted in gratitude by way of balancing the exchange - a balance that is a vital part of all that I am and do. These slow medicine offerings were lovingly birthed over many moon cycles from sustainably harvested, organic, wildcrafted native ingredients, our own medicinal plant tinctures, wild cold pressed oils, superfine crystal powders, our tree, flower, mushroom and crystal essences, and LOVE.

Artemisia 'Healer' Ritual Anointing Balm (Inner Healer, Resilience, Boundaries)

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Season • Autumn

Element • Water

Direction • West

Archetype • Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype