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Seasonal Tutorial: How to make hand rolled Beeswax Candles

Hand rolled beeswax candles are simple and beautiful, and are easy to make. Even little ones can help make these with a little help from adults.

Beeswax candles smell absolutely delicious, though the light honey scent is very subtle. You have to hold them up to your nose to really get a good whiff of honey. I prefer beeswax over paraffin candles in our home. Beeswax is a sustainable, renewable resource made by bees. It is toxic-free, and safe to burn around little ones too.

If you are looking for a beeswax alternative, you might like to check into soy wax suppliers in your area, I like to purchase from a local company that sells German grown soy wax - the main thing is to keep it local, and sustainable.

How To Make Hand Rolled Candles

You will need: Beeswax sheets — I purchased a kit that included 12 sheets and cotton wick. Wick — square braided cotton wick is recommended for beeswax candles. For rolled candles, I use size 1/0 or 2/0. Scissors — craft scissors that are sharp enough to cut through the wick easily.

Directions: Work on a flat, solid surface, such as a wood tabletop. It helps if the wax can “grip” the surface as you roll the candle. Begin by laying one sheet down, and press the wick into the bottom of the sheet gently with your fingers.

Fold the wax over the wick, keeping the first roll nice and tight. If not rolled tightly, the candle will burn down very quickly.

Keep rolling slowly, keeping the pressure even so you make an even, tight roll until the end. Press down gently with both palms as you roll. Continue to roll until the end of the beeswax sheet.

Then, press the seam down gently, but be careful not to push too hard.

Next, use scissors to cut the wick. Leave the wick at least 1/4 inch long.

Trim the wick to 1/4″ long with sharp scissors. That’s it! Very simple and easy to make.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the roll tight. If the candle is rolled too loosely, it will burn down within minutes. Source high quality beeswax, that is supple enough to work with and doesn’t crack when rolling.


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