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The heART of Ritual


Fairies in the grass: A Priest's view of (and method of thwarting) the Faerie

Imbolc marked the transition between the Winter (earth element season) and Spring (air element season). So, as we journey deeper into the season of the Air Element (Spring), here's a little elemental story for the season that's in it. Expect lots of posts relating with the Spring and element of air from here on.

There was an old priest I knew, Father McManus, and when he would go walking in the green lawn before the house, his man, Keary, would go with him, and he carrying three sticks. After a while the Priest would say, "Fire your stick, as far as you can" and Keary would throw it. And he would say the same thing a second and a third time, and after that the Priest would say, "We have no more to protect us now," and they would go in. Another priest I was talking to the other day was telling me 'They' are between earth and air and the grass is full of them.

Testimony of a Piper.

From 'Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland' by Lady Gregory. 1920. Art by Iris Compiet


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