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The heART of Ritual

womb rhythms gathering

An Autumn retreat for Womb WellBEing, Connection, Sacred Flow and Reflection

with Niamh Croistail
Founder of The heART of Ritual

West Cork, Ireland  |  October 13-20, 2023


The Womb Rhythms Gathering™ is a full sensory exploration of existence through the water element, emotional wellBEing, fluid creativity, curative movement, vibrational healing, and nature based ritual and ceremony.

This seven night women's only residential retreat is a dedicated time gifted to observation, listening, connection, discovery, transformation, awakening, remembering, wild wisdom, co-creation, birthing, blossoming, reflection and embodied potential. It is an expression of Self Love, mindful presence and core nurturance, an opportunity to naturally flow, release, and to heal with focused intent.

This retreat provides a sacred space and unique framework for like minded comeUNITY to gather, and a dynamic,safe place for authentic Self exploration, contemplation, growth, and healing dialogue. Presented through the Sun, Moon and Earth Sessions, this gathering offers a dedicated opportunity to journey the ‘Triskele of the Unified Self’, to observe and fully integrate your feminine and masculine aspects, navigate the depths of light and shadow consciousness, engage in inner and outer flow, and gain potent nature based skill sets for personal healing and transformation.

Throughout the retreat you will receive insights into the feminine and masculine aspects of conscious BEing, gain awareness of interconnection and symbiotic relationship, discover how each aspect of the whole directly affects your physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies, and learn powerful Self healing techniques to reclaim and restore the Unified Self. 

The Womb Rhythms Gathering is an invitation to become aware of the hidden aspects of Self and the larger surroundings, to gain perspective and insights that enable us to transform the stress of everyday inner and outer life into potential healing situations. It is the mindful choice to fully embrace the dance and flow that is the essence of human life as a spiritual BEing.

This retreat is a loving opportunity to grow beyond what you thought yourself to be thus far, and enter a discovery process about wholeness, authentic regenerative connection, all knowing wisdom, and the empowered path of (self) healing. This sacred path enables us to reclaim the natural rhythm, flow, and grace of Unified BEing.



(Exploration of the Receptive Intuitive Realms)

The Moon Sessions offer a full sensory journey within, a deep introspective into the High Heart state of harmonious conscious BEing. These sessions aim to experience the subtle realms through the receptive intuitive senses.


The Moon Sessions take place during the soft moonlit hours and explore our relationship with the Moon - the planetary ruler of the water element, intuition, emotions, and feminine BEing. You will receive meaningful insights into the personal, planetary, and cosmic womb, into the vital role of the physical and etheric umbilical cords (in utero and ex utero), the symbiotic dance of the masculine and feminine aspects in unified consciousness, and the vital role they play in personal and collective wellBEing. 


Together we will re-discover and observe the layers of connection and degrees of separation within our delicate underbellies, and the inner realms of the shadow subconscious, so that we may illuminate the dark and raise awareness of where imbalances may reside. Through this process we will assess possible root cause, the energetic connection and psychosomatic effect, and where disharmony is woven into and stored within the filaments of our BEing. We explore all this, and more, during the Moon Sessions.



(Exploration of the Projective Physical Realms)

Movement is an ancient form of medicine for transformational release, flow, and harmony on all levels. During the Sun sessions, we explore our physical bodies as tools for awareness, personal healing, growth, insight, and our wonderful surprise teachers will gracefully guide you through movement that represents, embodies and resonates with water!


The human womb is where physical life takes form and the wisdom of the body develops, primarily through physical sensations of touch and movement. In this state, body and psyche are not yet differentiated, we are in wholeness and complete. In this unified space, we become aware of and in touch with our primal body rhythm and the rhythms of the womb environment, grounding us physically and emotionally through gravity and water. 


These sessions explore the interconnectedness of water and the emotional body through the projective masculine aspect of outward motion, seen and experienced through physical (creative) expression, and movement of the human body. We dive into the qualities of water, navigate its dynamic properties, and discover the symbiotic state of BEing between feminine and masculine within your inner realms and outer environment. We investigate water as a provider of form and structure in our physical body, providing you with insights and skills that will result in a more fluid, flexible and soft state. We explore all this, and more, during the Sun Sessions.




(Integration and contemplation)

The Earth Sessions are our place of presence and common ground; the middle plane of reality to ground, embody and fully integrate the teachings of the week. Throughout the Earth Sessions, we examine genetic inheritance, ancestral trauma (through physical and etheric bloodline connection), the war within, energetic stagnation, nurture and release techniques, and explore indigenous ways of natural land based self healing and creative meditation. By the end of the retreat you will have received potent life skills as well as a set of powerful tools to assist you embody the essence of graceful flow. We explore all this, and more, during the Earth Sessions.


Niamh considers herself both a traveller and a student on the path of mindful living, learning and growing through direct first hand experience, finding and making ceremony in ALL. True to her roots, she embraces the native traditions of her Irish lineage and both lives and works with the natural cycles and seasons of the Celtic wheel of the year. Her unique approach to what she refers to as ‘wHolistic wellBEing’ draws on an extensive skill set that includes crystalline bioresonance therapy, clinical psychology, medical herbalism, bioenergetics, holistic nutrition, creative arts therapy, therapeutic sound, and more. This allows her to combine her interest, love and knowledge of both eastern and western modalities with ancestral earth based traditions and practices, resulting in what she feels is a fully integrative dynamic approach. To date, her full sensory retreats, workshops, masterclasses, ceremonies, and events have led her to teach and facilitate in over thirty countries worldwide. Niamh's dynamic service to humanity is clear ~ to listen and serve as a crystalline conduit, assisting you to assist yourself. Through this process comes the gift of remembering, re-connection, reclaiming, and re-embodiment of your Divine role, as your own 'guru' and healer.

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We always take alot of care to ensure we host our gatherings in the perfect surroundings, both inside and out, in spaces that are fully conducive to healing on all levels. Reducing carbon footprint, ecology, sustainability, and environmentalism are issues we are very passionate about, and our nest for this retreat meets all of our needs and wishes in this regard...and more!

Our location for this gathering is a 96 acre private luxury waterfront estate, nestled amongst the ancient oaks of Glengarriff Nature Reserve. The house is the masterwork of a famous Swiss architect and designed to blend perfectly with the glorious landscape of trees, meadows and water. Built of mellow local stone, this space makes full use of organic natural materials throughout and has forest and garden walks, panoramic views of Glengarriff Harbour and Garnish Island, and spectacular ocean views. The old growth native forest hosts free roaming deer, feral goats, and many more native wildlife species. Both Glengarriff Harbour and Bantry Bay are wildlife sanctuaries for the local sea eagle, cetacean, and seal populations.


This retreat is a seven night full board residential offering, the exchange is a non-refundable investment of €1850 per person. Check in is 6pm on October 13th, checkout is 10am on October 20th.


The retreat fee includes all tuition fees for the Sun, Moon and Earth sessions, teaching fees for guest teachers, the costs for materials that you will need for creative activities, use of our elixir bar, and all meals, accommodation and utility costs for your stay. All meals are organic, vegetarian, wholefood and all meals are wheat/sugar/soy free. All meals are prepared with fresh local seasonal ingredients.

Our Elixir Bar features wild native herbal tonics, healing teas, medicinal elixirs, native superfoods, plant and crystal essences, and more. This selection will focus on the fluid and water systems of the body, and emotional wellBEing. Each participant will receive a special selection of tools to take home to support and enhance their healing journey in the days following the retreat.


This retreat takes place in the Autumn, the Water Element season in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It is consciously offered during this time to enhance connection with the water within and promote deep healing throughout.



For those of you traveling to us from outside of Ireland, the nearest international airport is Cork Airport, an hour's drive. Car rental companies can be found in the arrivals hall of the airport, buses and taxis to Cork city can be found outside the door. A shuttle service between the airport and retreat center can be arranged for you by request at an additional charge. Full address and GPS coordinates are sent to registered participants only.


An Autumn retreat for Womb Wellbeing, Connection, Sacred Flow and Reflection

with Niamh Croistail
Founder of The heART of Ritual

West Cork, Ireland  |  October 13-20, 2023

EXCHANGE: €1850 per person


the way she held space for us as individuals and as a group is extraordinary. i have never felt so seen, so heard, so safe, so nourished, and so connected as i did during my time with niamh. i've done alot of retreats in my life and if there is one retreat everyone should do, this is it. hands down.

- USA -

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