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The heART of Ritual

wild colour cauldron

The WILD COLOUR CAULDRON™ is a monthly subscription for those looking to develop a more sustainable, earth friendly, grounded, and organic, land based spiritual practice through art and creative expression.


Each month, subscribers receive one of Niamh’s hand crafted botanical/mineral pigments or mark making mediums by post along with accompanying tutorials, color stories, creative tutorials, nature based exercises, suggestions on how to integrate each month's colour into your prayer expression, and much more.


The framework for this service (and the selection process for wild colour you receive) is grounded in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the elements and seasons, traditional colour making skills, land based creative practices, wild native medicinal plants of Europe, and the Celtic Tree calender.


Subscription duration is one year. The WILD COLOUR CAULDRON™ is available to subscribers worldwide. Subscription price includes postage and packaging costs (with online tracking facilities), and insurance coverage for contents.


 • €336 one time payment, subscription duration one year.

Available worldwide.



All subscriptions follow the natural cycle of the year; they emerge/begin in the Spring (the great awakening) and end with Winter (inner worlds, stillness).


The WILD COLOUR CAULDRON™ subscription ships once a month over twelve consecutive months from January to December. Subscriptions are offered on a first come first served basis only, and by signing up you are agreeing to the full yearly subscription.


Collections are handmade to order throughout the year. No refunds are offered on cancellations.


For your convenience, subscription prices include postage costs (with online tracking facilities), packaging costs, and insurance coverage for contents. Shipping rates are based on the weight and dimension of the packages and sent with DHL/Deutsche Post. International and UK subscribers are liable for any customs and/import charges that may be incurred. 


This service is facilitated in the English language only.

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