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Seasonal Poetry & Prose: 'The Warm Glow of Home', by Michael Traveler

I see it

in the distance

the warm glow of home

As the dampness

in the air sinks down

beneath my clothes

As the coldness

tries to reach my soul

Beneath my skin

touch my very bones

Now the mist hangs upon the air

I can see my breath floating

frozen in the stillness everywhere

Beneath my feet where

heavy boots crunch the fallen

autumn leaves

Up ahead

where a lantern shimmers

through the raindrops

clinging to the glass

Calling beckoning

guiding me to

Warm flames

flickering in the soft embers

of a place that's safe

Where the cold cannot

reach my soul

Where family is near

everyone that is dear

And the troubles

of the world are

a distant echo

Where you're

in my arms

and there's nothing

but hearth and home

Outside the wind howls

and the snow blows,

but all I feel now is the warm

glow of love and home.

"The Warm Glow of Home"

By Michael Traveler, author/poet

Artist Jack Sorenson


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