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The heART of Ritual


Seasonal Poetry & Prose: 'Fairy and Child' by Eugene Field

Oh, listen, little Dear-My-Soul, ⁠To the Fairy voices calling, For the moon is high in the misty sky ⁠And the honey dew is falling; To the midnight feast in the clover bloom ⁠The bluebells are a-ringing, And it's "Come away to the land of Fay" ⁠That the katydid is singing. Oh, slumber, little Dear-My-Soul, ⁠And hand in hand we'll wander Hand in hand to the beautiful land ⁠Of Balow, away off yonder; Or we'll sail along in a lily leaf ⁠Into the white moon's halo Over a stream of mist and dream ⁠Into the land of Balow. Or, you shall have two beautiful wings Two gossamer wings and airy, And all the while shall the old moon smile And think you a little fairy; And you shall dance in the velvet sky, And the silvery stars shall twinkle And dream sweet dreams as over their beams Your footfalls softly tinkle.


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