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The heART of Ritual


On Co-Weaving Community and Mental WellBEing

Throughout this year I've been reflecting on my practice of weaving containers, energetic architecture, and curating space, and given the Covid experience we have been journeying this two years, the thin line between being contained vs confined and being held vs restrained.

What leads to the point where we no longer feel or experience freedom? What are the imaginary and real structures behind that? What's in the energy of the words we use to describe this experience, the frustration and grief? I've really been considering and exploring practical hands on ways to assist us in processing all of this and reframing my approach too to gatherings taking place this year.

My community clinic reopened on February 8th following what was essentially twelve months of closed doors. In that time I moved to facilitating psychological counselling to community via Skype, and herbal apothecary needs were picked up in bags pinned to the fence. There was an extreme sense of relief being able to open the doors again, but I've been inundated. I'm the only psychologist offering pro bono support in the area and I'm even supporting fellow professionals in other countries who are struggling with the reality of what we are dealing with here ~ an overwhelming amount of humans that are presenting with PTSD and/or are suicidal. There's been a sharp increase in female suicides since the pandemic. These are aspects of Covid that too few are aware of, the silent killer. Mental health needs to get more attention than it currently is.

The language of 'shelter in place', 'lockdown', and orders to remain confined within boundaries that are not imposed by us is resulting in a lack of freedom, lack of choice, and inate sense of fear that is proving psychologically damaging.

If you are reading this and you are struggling with this, please reach out to someone you feel safe with and let them know. If you observe someone in your community is struggling, please check in on them and ask them what you can do to support them. Don't ignore them. If you are a fellow therapist, please ensure you get regular support as you cannot giveth of an empty cup.

Please be here for each other, co~weave a community nest that holds one another.


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