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The heART of Ritual


Falling Into Matter

Art Credit: unknown

I have to say, this resonates with me greatly as it speaks of the time of pre-separation and gender, androgyny, the time of unity, totality and wholeness. What instigated the separation thereafter is debatable of course, I feel claiming it had to do with Second Adam's domination had too many negative connotations and projects 'blame' on one side only, but who knows...interesting all the same. This theory of course supports the resulting patriarchal paradigm, but the cause and how it is suggested below does not sit right somehow...

"This androgynous First Adam, or Adam-Kadmon, was like the angels - eternal - until s/he separated from the divine, spiritual realm and became imprisoned in the material 3-dimensional world. As a result, Adam-Kadmon became differentiated into two sexes, the Second Adam and Eve. Some Gnostic versions of the fall of Adam-Kadmon contend that the Mother Goddess, Adam's first wife, Lilith or Sophia, separated herself when Adam tried to dominate her. According to the Encyclopedia of Religion's section on 'Androgyny', the medieval mystic and theosophist, Jacob Boehme, revived and popularized the concept of the primal androgynous Adam who fell into matter resulting in its division into Adam and Eve." (Source:


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