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The heART of Ritual

crystal therapeutics


Having taken a hiatus from teaching crystal healing internationally in 2017 and 2018, I'm delighted to be back with this wonderful Crystal Therapeutics training program. The hiatus gifted much needed time for me to revise, restructure, rewrite and formulate these teachings in a way that more authentically reflects not just my passion for sustainability, ecology, and ethical green ceremony (and the vital need for it to be included in ALL natural healing courses), but also the self empowering and heartfelt way I personally work and live with Crystalline Consciousness as a Human Crystal.


While participants of Level 1 will learn about technical aspects of crystals and have the opportunity to personally work with the crystal colleagues that reside here, focus is placed on cultivating relationship with Crystalline Consciousness - embodying, reclaiming and becoming a Human Crystal through direct connection with Source Material. This is my invitation to you, and what I feel is the future of embodied and empowered Self healing. Will you join me?


Crystal healing is an ancient form of gentle, holistic, non-invasive natural healing that works with your body’s own inner healer to restore equilibrium to your whole BEing. Illuminated, energized and guided by the path of Crystalline Consciousness, this in depth practical course will guide you through the sacred centers of the Self, to heARTspace; a place where we restore sacred connection with ALL, reactivate our crystalline DNA, and fully embody what it is to BE a Human Crystal.


(Level 1 Training)

2023 dates are FULL


July 3rd - 7th, 2023

Class times: 10am - 5pm each day

Course Fee: €650

Before you can know and work with others, you need to truly know yourSelf and form an intimate and authentic relationship with Crystal Consciousness. As such, throughout Level 1 you will explore how to mindfully and respectfully care for and work with crystal colleagues for Self healing.



the intimacy and passion with which niamh teaches is such a rare thing these days. if you get the chance to study with her in person, you should. it's life changing.

- Germany -




  • introduction to the crystal and mineral kingdom; a guide to crystals, their shapes, features, colours and applications

  • caring for, cleansing, charging and programming crystals

  • crystals and their relationship with the chakras and auric layers

  • creating sacred space

  • the chakra system and the psychology of the chakras

  • green ceremony and sustainable crystal practice

  • physical crystals Vs crystalline consciousness

  • energetic mandalas and sacred geometry

  • the elements and the mandala BEing

  • space clearing, protection and boundaries

  • creative visualization, the power of manifestation, and the art of mindfulness

  • the healing spirit of the native plant kingdom and how to integrate this into your personal crystal practice

  • solar/lunar cycles and planetary energies, and how to work with them

  • crystal tonics; what they are and how to co-create them

  • how to do chakra and aura re-balancing

  • colour therapy and how to apply it when working with crystals, chakras and the aura

  • crystalline DNA and reweaving the filaments of light


...and much more

This course is for those who wish to dive deep and experience first hand knowledge and healing through direct contact. This is a very hands-on practical course and in order to accommodate those traveling from abroad, Level 1 is offered as one five day summer intensive. 


The Level 1 course also includes a field trip for you to respectfully gather your own crystals and minerals by hand (no tools are used and we do not disturb the landscape) and you can examine what you gather in fine detail under our microscope back in the classroom. It's an incredible day out, as past students already know, and imbues a deep appreciation for the wonders and beauty of nature. 


Course times are 10am to 5pm daily and the Level 1  course also includes our Series 1 Crystal Attunements I & II. Your course fee includes lunches and light refreshments as well as all ingredients, glassware, and equipment required during class times each day.



If you have received your Level 1 certification from us within the past two years, and would like to further your journey with crystals and learn how to ‘give’ crystal treatments to others, the dates for the next Level 2 and Level 3 training programs are listed below. If you received your Level 1 certification from us more than two years ago, please CONTACT US to reserve your place on the next one day refresher course.

crystal therapeutics.png

Intermediate Crystal Therapeutics
(Level 2 Training)

2023 dates are FULL

2023 dates are:

July 17th - 821st, 2023

Class times: 10am - 5pm each day

Course Fee: €750

Level 2 journeys the master crystals, advanced crystal healing layouts and techniques, technical crystal application, and how to give and receive crystal healing at home. This course includes our Series 1 Crystal Attunements III & IV. Level 2 certification is issued upon completion of this training program and 20 hours of completed case studies. Please note that Level 1 is a prerequisite for the Level 2 Intermediate training. Your course fee includes lunches and light refreshments as well as all ingredients, glassware, and equipment required during class times each day.  


(Level 3 Training)

2023 dates are FULL

2023 dates are:

July 31st - August 4th, 2023

Class times: 10am - 5pm each day

Course Fee: €750

Level 3 is an advanced course for those who wish to incorporate crystalline therapeutics into their professional practice through highly skilled crystalline application. The Level 3 training includes anatomy & physiology, the psychology of BEing, clinical assessment & diagnostics, energetic body mapping, and dynamic holistic wellBEing techniques. This course includes our Series 1 Crystal Attunement V. Level 3 certification is issued upon completion of this training program and 40 hours of completed case studies. Level 2 certification is a prerequisite for the Level 3 advanced practitioners program. Your course fee includes lunches and light refreshments as well as all ingredients, glassware, and equipment required during class times each day.  If you received your Level 2 certification from us more than two years ago, please CONTACT US to arrange a two  day Level 2 refreshers course.

crystal therapeutics-2.png


For those of you traveling to us from outside of Austria, the nearest international airports are Munich (Germany), Salzburg and Innsbruck and all between a 45 minute and 90 minute drive. There are shuttle services available between the airport and our center which can be arranged directly with Four Seasons Travel in advance or in the airport arrival hall. There are also train services available from within the airports which will take you to our local station in Kufstein, simply follow the signs in the arrivals hall and you will find both self service ticket machines and desk clerks available for your assistance. Full address and GPS coordinates are sent to registered participants only.



If you are travelling from outside of the area and need to book accommodation, Kufstein is just 3kms away and there are many hotels, guesthouses and self catering apartments available via and the Kufstein Tourist Office, There are beautiful walks in the area, but please be sure to bring weather appropriate clothes and shoes with you. If you require transport to and from our location each day, we recommend taking a taxi. There is a taxi stand outside the train station in Kufstein, alternatively you can call Taxi Bundschuh on 0043-(0)5372 6 74 74 to book a car. A reminder that our times over the weekend are 9.30am - 6pm on both days and you are asked to arrive on time.


There are no prerequisites necessary for this training program, all that is required is your openness, and for you to gift yourself the opportunity to explore yourself, embody potential, and cultivate your ability to Self heal. Level 1 focus is placed on assisting you to establish direct information from crystalline consciousness through which you will receive source material unique to that moment in time. This is the essence of the mindful observer and listener and what it is to be a Human Crystal. Once those skills are fine tuned and exercised regularly, a whole new way of BEing is born.


Please note that Level 1 teaches Crystal Therapeutics for Self healing only, it is a prerequisite for Levels 2 and 3. If  you wish to responsibly offer crystal healing to friends or family you will need to complete the Level 2 training. Level 3 teaches skills for those who plan to work as professional crystal therapists or those who wish to integrate Crystalline Therapeutics into their existing professional services. Information on Level 2 & 3 can be found above.


While we do cover crystal compounds, chemistry, and homeopathic principles of the crystals we work with in our Advanced course, this is done so as to encourage responsible and informed crystal therapy. Our approach is not to teach 'crystal prescriptions' for general application - focus is placed on unique dynamic, real time assessment of the individual as they present in each session, and establishing and treating the root of the issue. Through successfully treating the root cause, the symptoms will naturally cease to exist and the individual will experience relief.


All three levels of our Crystal Therapeutics training program are facilitated in the English language.

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