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This listing is for one complete WILD EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL Ritual Body Colours set, from The heART of Ritual.


Each set includes eight wild earth, plant, and crystal ritual body colours, and a beautiful hand crafted burr Elm wooden display stand. Eight ritual body colours feature in this set, one for each of the festivals in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. As you can see from the images, these eggs are a very generous size and each set contains an average of 400g of hand gathered, processed and crafted ritual colour! This set is ideal for group work, professional therapeutic work, and individual healing journeys.



This collection came about during a very intensive process which, in short, can only really described as a symbolic journey of death and being 'unborn' so that I could release the past, heal, rewrite my creation/birth story, and begin with a clean slate. When the time came, I began reweaving the medicine wheel into my BEing in every way possible. This new beginning required that I reimagine everything from the ground up, and so I began to create new medicines and ritual tools.


Inspired by nesting birds in Spring and the sacred symbolism of the cosmic egg, I began creating this collection of ritual body colours to prepare myself to hatch/emerge out of my own egg, allow myself to be nourished and thrive, and have the courage to fledge. These wild ritual colour colleagues have been there to witness, soothe, console, heal, nourish, listen, protect, connect, and offer strength, trust, hope, and clarity along the way.


These are all created out of wild, hand gathered, local ochres, minerals, and earths, and the blue is from woad grown in the little garden we lovingly tend. Ochres and Woad are traditional ritual colours held sacred to the Celts for ceremony and healing, and feature in the rites of passage, initiations, rituals and ceremonies of many indigenous cultures around the world. You will find more info on this below.


I created each colour to represent a specific direction, element, season, and archetype in our indigenous medicine wheel, the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Added to this were a selection of hand gathered stone ground fine crystal and mineral powders specific to each, as well as plant pigments, floral waters, and essences of crystals, trees, flowers and fungi. This clutch of ritual colour eggs has taken hundreds of hours to bring through to this point, and it's creation accompanied and ran parallel with my own journey every step of the way. Each ritual colour is made by hand start to finish, and ritually blessed with my 'Cleanse & Protect' sacred space myst.



Anyone that follows what I do knows that I am a lover of detail and functional art, so on a practical level I came up with the idea of embossing each egg around the center so that they can be easily and securely held by your fingertips. Taking it a step further, I wanted this 'grip' feature to look organic and took inspiration from the incredible (naturally water eroded) textured black basalt stones that I often find along the shores of the bay. I have to say that I really, really, adore these, they turned out exactly how I wanted to in every single way - colour wise they are incredible, energetically they are potent, on a practical level they apply easily and are held securely, and aesthetically...I find them to be most beautiful and so a display stand had to be made so that I can gaze upon them too in my sacred space.


As a slight side note I want to add that on a therapeutic level the gentle shape of these eggs lends them beautifully as tools for accupressure and reflexology. Similarly, these can also be fully integrated into professional colour therapy or crystal healing treatments, chakra healing, and all forms of energy work. The possibilities are endless really.


While created for a specific purpose, you can easily adjust this to align with your own tradition, spiritual practice, unique prayer expression, and/or therapeutic and creative use. Seeing as this collection came through the process of weaving myself back into the north, I am sharing some additional creation insights with the two Northern colours so you can get a deeper idea as to how they came about.


East/Air Element/Spring/Virgin Archetype: 

Blue Woad with finely ground Austrian Azurite and Malachite

Purple High Alps Slate with finely ground hand gathered Austrian Lepidolite


South/Fire Element/Summer/Parent Archetype:

Yellow Irish Ochre with finely ground Alpine Pyrite

White Alpine Clay with finely ground Austrian Muscovite


West/Water Element/Autumn/Enchanter or Enchantress Archetype:

Orange Irish Ochre with finely ground Austrian Garnet

Dark Red Irish Ochre with finely ground Austrian Selenite and Calcite


North/Earth Element/Winter/Elder Archetype:

Dark Brown Irish Ochre & finely ground Austrian Biotite & Smoky Quartz

Dark brown iron rich ochre from the north shore of Bantry Bay (Ireland), combined with crystal essences for the chakras of the knees and elbows to assist with flexibility and adaptability (getting up again when we fall over on the path, or getting back on the saddle). Finely ground biotite powder is included in this ritual body colour to enhance and amplify it's therapeutic effect.


Black Irish Slate, charred Mugwort and Willow, finely ground Alpine Hematite

Black finely ground shale from the south shore of Bantry Bay (Ireland), charred Mugwort and Willow, and crystal essences for the chakras of the feet and hands, and earth star chakra, to deeply ground and connect, assist with grief processing, release work, enhance protection and healthy boundaries, and ultimately, embody the dark moon/winter/cailleach aspect of stillness and hibernation, within. Finely ground hematite is included in this ritual body colour to enhance and amplify it's therapeutic effect.



Each cosmic egg is individually wrapped to prevent colour transfer and comes with a stunning burr Elm wood display stand. Each set comes in a bed of wild Mugwort which was gathered on the full moon solar eclipse - this serves to protect your collection while it is winging its way to you and is to be used as a smoke offering to cleanse your space and connect you with these ritual colour wands on arrival.

WILD EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL Ritual Body Colour for New Beginnings

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