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The heART of Ritual BELLADONNA SEED BEADS are a ceremoniously birthed prayer tool for personal ritual. A green ritual tool to assist with enhancing and enriching deep presence through divine grace and flow, the BELLADONNA SEED BEADS are of an offering for Winter Solstice (Earth Element), a time of reassessing our deepest needs, recalibrating/realigning on a core level, and preparing ourSelves for the year ahead.

Combining ancient holistics and the western psychological approach, these BELLADONNA SEED BEADS assist us to reduce stress, reprogram 'negative mindsets' and self destructive conditioning on a sub conscious level. Through repetition of words, affirmations, prayer and/or simply making time to sit in stillness and bring your mind to your breath, this ritual tool assists us to program our crystalline DNA, the water molecules in our fluid body systems and and balance the left/right brain function. This leads to a healthier and harmonious mindset which over time (and with daily practice) leads to inner peace, relaxation, increased awareness (of Self and others/the whole) and a joyful grace filled state of BEing.

Created with wild native herbs from the high Alps, sea treasures from the South Coast of Ireland and crystals hand gathered both on the mountains and along the shore, this ritual tool assists us to actively participate in seeding, manifesting and cultivating our prayer intentions, affirmations, leading to healing and growth.

These medicine bundles contain crystal and botanical ingredients that represent all seven directions and all five elements. The medicine bundle includes native ceremonial herbs of Mugwort (insight, dreamwork, journeying, illuminating the dark, the Moon, Cailleach), Yarrow (healing our inner wounded healer), Heather (love, harmony, emotional wellBEing, vision, balance of left/right brain hemispheres), and Rose (grace, non egoic self love/obedience to Self) have been added as well as hand ground crystal powders of selenite (lunar illumination, night vision, manifestation), hematite (grounding, manifesting, releasing), and clear quartz (amplification and overall seed programming). These insights are some of the intentions behind these elements being included, you will discover your own unique meaning for each as you journey together.

Each medicine bundle is wrapped up in a needle felted naturally dyed wool cocoon. The wool is raw sheep wool that was gathered from the brambles along the hedgerows in South West Ireland, hand cleaned, washed and botanically dyed with Belladonna, giving it its beautifully soft pink hue. Belladonna was chosen for its ability to assist us see 'in the dark', a gracious colleague that accompanies us on the journey within, to the subconscious/dark/feminine/receptive aspect of BEing. Having said that (and as someone that works very often with Belladonna), I found it very interesting that on this occasion the wool came up a soft pink color (rather than the usual shades of lavender, blues, violets). To me this offers wonderful such an incredible gift of balance, as this shade of pink is the soft aspect of the sacred masculine. As such, both aspects of the whole of Belladonna have come through with this offering. To contrast the Belladonna, each cocoon is adorned with a needle felted healing spiral needle felted in raw wool (which, along with the light colored beads, provides balance again between light and dark, masculine and feminine, active and inactive, within and throughout, above and below). This spiral serves to function as a visual mandala to journey while reciting your intentions. Each cocoon measures approx 13cms in length and 9cms in diameter.

The beads are natural river stones, many of which have intricate quartz veins sparkling throughout which you subconsciously program while speaking your affirmations and intentions. The beads are 8mm in diameter, have a natural finish, and are strung together by nettle cordage. They really are stunning and a reminder of the beauty and abundance we can discover all around us if we merely take the time to stop, and see. These are not 'traditional malas' and I have intuited the number of beads required for each set. As such, the number of beads you receive is the number of repetitions you require, how many times you go around the set of beads is for you to intuit yourself - you may want to do more on highly stressful days, and less on days that flow effortlessly, this is entirely up to you to assess in each moment. This gives space to empowered personal prayer expression, enhances your intuitive abilities, and moves outside rigid formalities of religious structure.

The packaging for these SEED BEADS is equally beautiful ~ eco printed recycled paper pouches which are hand sewn with nettle cordage. Even though these leaf whispers on paper were created while I was in Ireland in September, I've just noticed the colours compliment this prayer tool perfectly with soft pinks, creams and delicate purples too. Such wonderful synchronicity. Incidentally, if you would like to see these prints being unbundled, you might like to check out the video on Instagram (look out for two square tiles tied up with string as the cover image).

Just eight are birthed for Winter Solstice/Earth Element season this year, they are created for those who wish to embody sustainable spirituality and feel drawn to working with green ritual tools. After the Solstice, ritual elements will focus on Imbolc, transition to the air element, and the divine spark of inspiration so if this is your element, or one you feel you need to work with more consciously, please feel free to check back in the lead up to Imbolc at the beginning of February.

For now, we are reminded of the need to till the soils of our inner worlds so that the seeds we plant will germinate and grow.

Belladonna Seed Beads & Medicine Bundle

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