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This listing is for one Ritual Flying Ointment, from The heART of Ritual.

• keywords: vision quests, shamanic journeying, truth seeking, remote viewing, night vision

This ceremonial anointing balm is created to assist with vision quests, shamanic journeying, truth seeking, and clarity of vision in the dark. Created with the traditional wild native Bane plants, fly agaric, fine crystal powders of both silver and gold sheen obsidian, hematite, magnetite, selenite, iron ochre pigments, and protective and grounding native herbs have been added to ensure a responsible and grounded experience.


This ceremonial anointing balm is for experienced travellers who are already familiar with the Banes and looking to deepen their experience of the mysteries. It is lovingly crafted with oils of wild harvested Belladonna, Henbane, two species of Mandrake, eleven different species of wild native Mugwort, three species of Datura, Brugmansia, Fly Agaric, and both white and blue Aconite. I've also added Foxglove, Rue, Juniper, Rosemary, Bittersweet and Cedar to this flying ointment. Each of these oils was co~created by me over thirty six lunar cycles of sloooow medicine making with these incredible plants.  The healing attributes of each plant is amplified through Clear Quartz, Silver Sheen Obsidian (feminine lunar insights) and Gold Sheen Obsidian (masculine lunar insights) which were all added during the creation process, light and dark crystals for balance, masculine and feminine for harmony, deeply grounding earth and celestial crystals to ensure responsible safe journeying.


Each balm is adorned with blue Cornflower petals (for vision and insight), a seed pod of Rue (to repel negative energy and dispel evil spirits), and a beautiful raw natural dodecahedron crystal of black garnet that I gathered by hand in glacial meltwaters in the High Alps (to ground, protect, and connect with sanctuary space within the planetary womb). 


Please note that this ritual blend also includes Brugmansia and Datura, which I grow from seed each year. These seeds come from wild plants that I came across while travelling in 2015, and I have grown them here in my 'moon garden' each year since. ALL other ingredients are sustainably, biodynamically, and ritually hand gathered from the mountains around our home.

Note: In addition to the above, I want to take a moment to speak about one of the ingredients in this ritual balm, Fly Agaric. I have personally worked with this balm to assist me through the darkest part of a death grief process, which both proved to me its potent support for the mind, body and spirit and its strengths as an initiatory ally. My experience in this case is that it protects those in/entering a vulnerable state, nurtures those with shock related insomnia and anxiety, and offers light in the dark to those experiencing the extremes of emotional pain relating with loss. I have also worked with Fly Agaric topically for a number of years and can personally testify to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties where stiff joints and sciatic pain is concerned. Interestingly I have found that Fly Agaric has also helped me heal pain memory stored on a molecular level, which is something that naturally happens in cases of extreme shock and trauma. Together, these experiences offered a wonderful insight into the holistic, physical and psychospiritual workings of Fly Agaric as a healing colleague that assist you to reconnect with yourSelf.


Each of these gorgeous cauldron shaped textured vessels is encrusted with absolutely stunning crystal, mineral, plant pigment and wild clay body that Niamh developed for this seasons offerings, for you to etch your personal and unique symbols, sigils, words and other marks upon. You will also receive a complimentary tool to use for etching your personal symbols and/or words upon these vessels.


Lovingly handcrafted from wild native medicinal herbs and fine crystal powders, this potent ritual anointing balm will enchant and enrapture the senses with the essence and energy it carries. Each vessel is a temple space unto itself, it's walls encrusted with hand gathered sacred earth, crystal and mineral pigments to protect the energetic integrity, and enhance and augment the properties of the ritual balm. Inside each vessel is an altar containing a full sensory prayer for your wellBEing.


Each vessel is both a potent ceremony and a spell in one, ritually sealed with beeswax, and finished with a miniature posey of seasonal wildflowers, medicinal herbs and seed heads gathered from the mountains around our nest...and a miniature key!



Before you begin your ritual/ceremony or go to bed at night, apply a small amount to the center of the soles of your feet (your feet chakras), the center of the underside of your hands (your hand chakras), the point at the top of your forehead straight above your third eye chakra (your high mind chakra) and to the area on your back between your shoulder blades. If you wish to receive insights into your path to date so that you can observe any life or soul patterns/conditions/programs that may need changing to improve your current life experience, then also apply a small amount to the back of each knee (the 'eyes in the knee' chakras) and the front of each elbow ('eyes in the elbow' chakras).


There are eight ritual anointing balms to choose from in our ALCHEMY collection. There are very different energetic signatures present in these balms - what resonates with you, how you choose to work with them, your experience, the direction this takes and insights they impart is unique to you and where you are personally at in that moment on your journey and for this reason, each person's experience is unique too.

All of our ritual anointing balms are made from sustainably harvested native plants, flowers, resins, our medicinal plant tinctures, extracts, our tree, flower, mushroom and crystal essences and much more. There really are incredible plant and crystal medicines packed into each offering. Each one is 50ml practitioner size.

As a responsible human and environmentalist I only work with ingredients I have sustainably gathered in the wild, there are no exotic imported ingredients in anything I make. I don't use essential oils - this is a personal habit as I have super sensitive skin and I don't make a high enough volume of essential oils myself as it requires too much plant material for a minute amount of oil and I find that to be unsustainable for our local environment here. I choose instead to add native resins, aromatic roots, leaves and flowers for their natural scents.


As a ritualist, energetic integrity and balanced exchange is paramount and as such, I only work with what I've ceremoniously gathered with my own hands. That which is gathered is only done with with full permission from each plant with personal offerings gifted in gratitude by way of balancing the exchange - a balance that is a vital part of all that I am and do. These slow medicine offerings were lovingly birthed over many moon cycles from sustainably harvested, organic, wildcrafted native ingredients, our own medicinal plant tinctures, wild cold pressed oils, superfine crystal powders, our tree, flower, mushroom and crystal essences, and LOVE.

Ritual Flying Ointment (Vision Quests, Journeying, Remote Viewing, Night Vision)

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