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This collection is both informed and inspired by my work as a birth and death doula, and shares what I create for my own clients and fellow birthing professionals.


What is offered here will take you from fertility to pregnancy, first trimester through to third, pre birth prep, childbirth, post partum, and beyond, both for vaginal and c-section births alike.


Also included in this collection are a selection of meaningful offerings for those grieving a loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, and premature death.


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Mother & Baby Collection

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  • Fertility Package

    This package includes one packet of our Fertility medicinal loose leaf tea blend, one bottle of our Womb Cleanse Formula, and one bottle of our Hormone Balance Formula. If you prefer to purchase these items individually, they are available in the Women's teas and Womb Health tinctures listings in our Apothecary.


    Womb Oil

    This blend was created as a healing ally to enhance connection with the womb, the lunar cycle, and menstrual cycle. I also always include this blend with clients who are actively engaged in ancestral healing, womb rituals, grief rituals, healing inherited trauma, recovering from sexual violence, mother issues (especially the 'patriarchial matriarch'), low libido, issues with womb health and fertility, emotional coldness, lack of femininity, adult parentified children, and much more.