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The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS is a wholly original never seen before empowerment tool for your intuitive lunar Self. Created by Niamh Criostail of The heART of Ritual, the MOONCARDS bring seekers on a journey of self discovery deep into the subconscious feminine aspects of BEing, providing graceful guidance and powerful perspectives from the thin places between one world and another.

Designed to awaken, develop, and enhance your intuitive skillset, this essential resource illuminates and navigates the revelatory power of each lunar phase and draws wisdom from the mystical realms of the moon ~ the untamed aspects of your feminine Self. Whether you are seeking to cultivate intimate connection throughout the lunar cycle, receive insights into specific questions, a prayer reflection, inspiration for meditation, or whether you are looking to deepen your womb experience by journeying the lunar phases according to your menstrual cycle, The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS will assist you to explore the depths of BEing and adventure the wild edges between the subtle realms and the earthly plane.

Destined to become a treasured keepsake, The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS is an exquisite work of functional art that embodies the allure, magic and mystery of the moon. A beautiful full sensory tool for self exploration, this collectors edition set is sure to enchant those drawn to personal growth, Self awareness, and wholeness of BEing.

The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS (Collectors Edition Set)

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  • The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS (Collectors Edition) contains the following

    - full set of Moon Cards
    - full sized Moon Wheel poster (outlining the lunar and solar cycles, key words, seasons, elements, archetypes, and Celtic Festivals throughout the solar year)
    - Moon Journal
    - travel size Moon Wheel card
    - a botanically dyed fiber art pouch (to hold your cards)
    - an introduction card for the set
    - native wildflower seeds (to ritually seed your intentions on the new moon)
    - wild magical surprises (the element of surprise nourishes your inner child)
    - access to written tutorial on how to make your own botanical ink
    - access to extensive guide to the lunar and solar cycles, the seasons, ruling elements, archetypes, and festivals throughout the Celtic wheel of the year
    - access to audio files that include insights, exercises, and a guided meditation

    As a special thank you to earlybirds, the first 25 sets also come with a bottle of the botanical ink crafted for these inkblots.

    Each set of The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS is lovingly presented in a handmade fiber art pouch made from rose, pearl, nettle, mugwort and wool fibers. These ingredients were chosen for their potent energetic signatures relating with point zero healing. Each pouch is botanically dyed with wildcrafted pigments made from Belladonna, Elder and Mystic Merlin. These three plants also produced the ink from which the ink blots were created, they are the residing elders of this offering and this deck is dedicated to them.

    To see a video about The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS, please visit


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Season • Autumn

Element • Water

Direction • West

Archetype • Enchanter/Enchantress Archetype

Themes & Focus for this Collection

This collection celebrates all things Autumn/Water Element and coincides with the fir