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This listing is for one 'Inner Child' Remedy of your choosing, from The heART of Ritual.


Our complete 'Inner Child' Remedy range can be seen below.


For many, healing childhood trauma and their inner child is a complex and multi-layered journey with many different emotions experienced throughout each stage of the process. As such, it should come as no surprise that this is a large range of plant, tree and crystal pairings for very specific needs. As there are too many to list in a drop down menu, so please list the one(s) you wish to work with in a note with your purchase.


These remedies are perfect for children, developmental issues, adults consciously healing childhood trauma/inner child, and those with under/overactive solar plexus chakra/fire element. I have even worked with these remedies when treating dogs, cats, and horses, and they too respond beautifully!


All of these formulas are specific to the deep healing work relating with childhood trauma(s), child/parent relationships, the psychology and energetic attributes of an underactive and overactive solar plexus chakra (and associated secondary chakras as per individual themes), underactive or overactive fire element in the body, and more.



For convenience I am listing the main ingredient in each formula and associated key word/attribute. If you have found yourself drawn to working with that particular plant/tree/crystal intuitively, or have been seeing it alot recently/dreaming about it, then choose the remedy(s) you need to work with in this way. If you are consciously journeying the path of healing your inner child, and feel drawn to receive support with themes unique to your own process, please choose the remedy(s) that speak to you according to their attribute and healing intention.


If you are not familiar with this modality or the virtues of these wild native plants, trees, flowers and crystals, and require assistance to find the one(s) best suited to your needs, please request an in person or skype consult with Niamh via the contact form on this website. Consults are subject to an additional fee, and this fee is not included in this listing.





Liverwort - to transmute surpressed anger and be kinder with yourself

Cowslip - for times of doubt, enhances clarity on the keys to your life path

Violet - inner peace, self acceptance, and supports transitions

Solomon's Seal - releasing remorse, self forgiveness, healing toxic maternal relationships

Bluebell - voice, overcoming nervousness, allowing yourself to be heard

Borage - courage

Buttercup - luminous joy

Speedwell - lightness of being

Snowdrop - purity, new beginnings

Fritillaria - transformation, metamorphosis, 'I AM' presence

Pulsatilla - to support through deep sorrow, grief, and stress related insomnia. Also indicated for those with an overal weepy constitution.

Lady's Mantle - nurtures and supports the emotional heart following betrayal

Vervain - inner wisdom, clarity

Hellebore - death, grief processing, support with letting go

Rose - embodying grace, forgiveness, assistance getting through 'stuck' states

Star of Bethlehem - shock, trauma

Daisy - restoring innocence, new beginnings

Forgetmenot - fear of abandonment, soothes anxiety

Dandelion - hope, resilience, releasing surpressed anger, addiction

Primrose - comforting and soothing

White Yarrow - 'healing the wounded healer', staunching energetic bleeds

Pink Yarrow - protection while healing masculine aspect of Self

Mugwort - cleanse, protect, healing feminine aspect of Self

Lily of the Valley - trusting the path, committment to healing the shadow

Clary Sage - clarity, ancestral karma, bloodline trauma, womb work

Teasel - for healthy boundaries, to protect from parasitic people, prevent energy bleeds

Feverfew - removal of self imposed limitations, confidence

Belladonna - to clearly see the full picture, for those unable/refusing to look at the shadow



Holly - good for those dealing with alot internally and appearing to have short fuse with those around them

Apple - compassion and gentleness

Willow - adaptability, flexability, overcoming challenges

Hawthorn - healthy boundaries

Oak - strength, exhaustion/overworked

Rowan - reconcilation, forgiveness, transformation

Fir - listen, ground and connect

Pine - letting go of the past



Pink Kunzite Elestial Floater Crystal - independence, grace, gentleness

Pyrite - to rebalance under/overactive solar plexus chakra and/or fire element

Sulphur - to detoxify from patterns, conditions, imposed limitations

Rutilated Quartz - to amplify the golden ray in your energetic being

Rutilated Smoky Quartz - to ground the golden ray into your energetic being

Malachite - a potent solar plexus purger

Gold Sheen Obsidian - the golden masculine aspect of the planetary womb

Metamorphosis Quartz - to support growth and metamorphosis

Blue Apatite - clarity of communication

Azurite - perspective, truth seeing

Green Double Terminated Apophyllite Floater - healing insights, independent seeing

Double Terminated Apophyllite Floater crystal with Calcite and Chlorite Phantom - seeing through illusion, seeing the root cause, emotional observation

Single Terminated Self Healed Yellow Kunzite - to enhance self confidence, esteem, will, and restore trust in others

Spheralite Floater Crystal with Pyrite & Calcite - for death and trauma processing

La Guardette Channeller Crystal - a potent ultra clear quartz crystal from France with gold inclusions. Fast acting.

Self Healed Citrine Dow Master Crystal - the ultimate Solar Plexus/Inner Child healer!

Double Terminated Growth Interference Clear Quartz Master Crystal - for assisting us through challenges and ensuring we remain true to our soul path



Each remedy comes in a 10ml amber recycled glass dropper bottle adorned with our Botanical Wheel of the Year mandala artwork. These are stock bottles, meaning that they are practitioner quality and strength, and not diluted down. Our remedies use a minute amount of organic European vodka as stabilizer. If you would prefer alcohol free remedies, these can be made to order. These remedies are created by Niamh both in Ireland and in the Alps.


Niamh's other remedies and essences can be found in the ALCHEMY section of this shop.


Inner Child Remedies

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  • Although we have been lovingly making our remedies, elixirs and essences for over a decade, the research and development began long before then and to date we have developed over 850 hundred individual crystal, flower, mushroom, and Celtic tree essences, chakra essences, element essences, sacred site essences, and combination elixirs.

    To ensure these are of the highest energetic quality possible, great time has been taken to ensure that each step is carefully considered, and carried out mindfully. The resulting method of preparation is unique to us and has been developed largely on over 29 years of intuitive work, professional training and research.