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This listing is for one 30ml bottle of High Physical Body Ritual Oil from The heART of Ritual.


Lovingly handcrafted from wild native medicinal herbs and fine crystal powders, this range of potent crystal ritual oils will enchant and enrapture the senses with the essence and energy they carry. Each bottle is a temple space unto itself, it's walls encrusted with hand gathered sacred earth, crystal and mineral pigments. Inside, an altar containing a full sensory fluid prayer for your wellBEing. Each vessel is both a potent ceremony and a spell in one, ritually sealed with beeswax, adorned with our botanical wheel of the year prayer mandala debossed into pyrite and beeswax and a sprig of wild mountain heather.



The High Physical Body Ritual Oil is to strengthen essential life force, physical and emotional immunities, develop greater will power and resilience, release stress, and energize.

The physical body is a remarkable vehicle for the soul to inhabit. We experience the world around us through the five senses - sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. The five senses allow us to see the beauty of a sunset, hear birdsong, feel the softness of the grass beneath our feet, and smell the aroma of fresh baking before the delight of tasting it.

Realizing that our physical bodies are vehicles in which our souls evolve can change our concepts and basic beliefs about the purpose of living upon this earth. What if we knew, as we lived our lives, that our bodies were temporary but that our soul's existence was permanent? What if life in a physical body was acknowledged as just one of the many expressions in the multiplicity of who we really are as beings? As we grow in understanding that there is more to being in a body than merely thinking, feeling and living in the world of the five senses, the opportunity arises to evolve into higher states of being.

We also have a sixth sense. It is the inner gut knowing that can protect us if we acknowledge it. Telepathy, clairvoyance, vision, intuition, psychic awareness and all extrasensory perception are parts of the sixth sense. This higher sense is available to everyone but in many people it lies dormant. It is often misunderstood because physical plane laws do not define it. However the sixth sense can be consciously cultivated. Activating the High Physical Body greatly increases the possibilities of experiencing life with more than just five senses.

The most precious and life-sustaining force of the physical body is the breath. At the moment of birth, an infant takes his or her first inhalation and a primal relationship with life begins. Throughout the course of ones life, breath sustains the life force in the body. On the inhale, we literally receive sustenance from the universe outside of us. On the exhale, we return that service. With focus on breath we can increase awareness, raise consciousness and activate the higher bodies.

Visualization of colours can be applied to each breath and directed to specific areas that are in need of healing. At the High Mind (see earlier post), breath the magenta ray to shift old mental patterns. At the High Heart (see earlier post), breath celestial blue when you need calming, or fiery orange-red to energize and prepare for action. At the Higher Physical Body, the colour is the chartreuse ray...


The Solar Plexus chakra, home for the (inner child) emotions, resides at the end of the sternum, right underneath the ribs, in the upper digestive tract. Unresolved and suppressed emotions are stored here. The colour for the Solar Plexus is yellow. It is here that physical manifestation begins for everyone, as an embryo within the womb. Yellow is the power of pure creation. It is like the sun, life giving, vibrant, radiant and powerful. Yellow represents courage and the willingness to take action. It also relates to the high intellect and the ability to plan events or think through new inventions. It is active, creative and able to materialize.

Yellow is one of the three primary colours. Green is a secondary colour, made from yellow and blue, another primary colour. The colour that activates the High Physical Body is chartreuse, a perfect combination of yellow and green. Since green already contains a yellow ray, this special combination of chartreuse equals two yellows and one blue. The double yellow ray is one of the vital factors in activating the High Physical Body.

Chartreuse is the colour that is seen in fresh young plant growth. Within the new shoots of flora, the primal force is strong and vital. This is one of the reasons why being outdoors in nature can be so invigorating. Besides the available oxygen, green plant life elevates the spirit and allows the aura to expand, resulting in a better sense of well being. More than any other colour combination, this exact blending of yellow and green assists the body to strengthen its physical immunities. It also helps build immunity in the emotional body. In other words, working with chartreuse crystals can help build personal immunity to old physical and emotional reactionary patterns previously programmed into the Solar Plexus. Full time residency in the High Physical Body occurs when the chartreuse ray has been infused throughout the subtle spiritual circuitry in the Solar Plexus and Navel, positively effecting physical, emotional, and energetic well being.

In a state of 'High Physical', events that were previously perceived as insurmountable obstacles can become stimulating challenges. Old emotional reactions are consciously shifted and new patterns of response are demonstrated in positive choices being made. With the awareness of chartreuse riding on the breath, the connection to inner knowing can be secured in every moment.

At the High Physical Body personal will becomes empowered. This occurs as the individual will is consciously mastered and guided to align with divine will. Spiritual power is gained as we learn not to identify with the old emotional and mental patterning. Use the High Mind to let go of useless thought patterns that will continue to circulate if unchecked. Work with chartreuse crystals to detach from the emotions that associate with negative thoughts. Then, WILL yourself to rise up and bring your High Mind into the present moment and take a fresh full breath. Rejuvenate in that moment as you WILL yellow-green life force to be infused into your physical body.


I have to say that this range of ritual oils and the bottles that hold them have got to be my most favourite, and the most aesthetically pleasing organic packaging I have ever seen! The journey of gathering the earths, minerals, crystals and pigments that adorn these vessels, gently washing, hand grinding, and preparing each ingredient so that I could create sacred spaces (bottles) befitting of the Ritual Oils they carry, was an incredibly nourishing and grounding process in itself and speaks volumes of the medicines these offerings contain.


These Ritual Oils can be used as ceremonial anointing oils, bath and body oils, ideally in the way you yourself feel uniquely drawn to work with them.


Please note that these are hand crafted pure cold pressed oils, created from wild native medicinal herbs. They are not infused oils, nor are they diluted. We do not use essential oils or fragrances in any of our products.

High Physical Body Ritual Oil (to strengthen essential life force & resilience)

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