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This listing is for one 30ml bottle of High Mind Ritual Oil from The heART of Ritual.


Lovingly handcrafted from wild native medicinal herbs and fine crystal powders, this range of potent crystal ritual oils will enchant and enrapture the senses with the essence and energy they carry. Each bottle is a temple space unto itself, it's walls encrusted with hand gathered sacred earth, crystal and mineral pigments. Inside, an altar containing a full sensory fluid prayer for your wellBEing. Each vessel is both a potent ceremony and a spell in one, ritually sealed with beeswax, adorned with our botanical wheel of the year prayer mandala debossed into pyrite and beeswax and a sprig of wild mountain heather.



'Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being' - Rumi

The purpose of this ritual oil is to infuse greater awareness, ground it in your chakra system and break through old mental patterns.

As a species, the human brain enables us to think logically and rationally as we try to understand the universe of which we are part. We are able to organize, search our memories for answers, and project our thoughts into the future to plan our daily lives and create the societies in which we live. Being cognizant, we have the ability to question and ponder the nature of our own existence and ask, "Where do we come from? What is our purpose and where are we going?" We can think, and with thought comes power. The importance lies in how that power is used.

With self discipline, we can develop the High Mind, a state of awareness that maintains neutrality and witnesses without judgement. Through this neutrality, we can meditate and contemplate the nature of an infinite universe. The High Mind knows that we are more than just the sum of our brains, emotions and physical bodies. We are evolving souls, light beings, and capable of inhabiting higher frequency energy bodies.

You can consciously choose to evolve into your High Mind. The High Mind patiently trains the scattered and endlessly chattering lower mind to stop swinging randomly from thought to thought and focus on a higher purpose. The sixth sense of extra sensory perception naturally develops as you learn to harness the High Mind's power. Your consciousness begins to expand as the uncontrolled lower mind learns to think outside the box of self-interest and surrenders to the guidance of your High Mind.

We can learn to look within and observe the mental and emotional programming that can define and control us. High Mind is willing to discover the roots of repetitive thought patterns as it monitors the lower mind and discerns if thoughts are based in parental, religious, racial or national bias. High Mind shifts to newly chosen thoughts and prevents consciousness from being usurped in old ways of judgmental thinking. To 'witness without judgment' are the key words for the High Mind.

Bear witness to your own thoughts. Alter and form better ones when you observe that they are not serving your higher purpose. Consciously project and express these newly created ideas and identify with them. Align yourself and choose to think positive thoughts. It requires time and effort to consciously build new tracks of chosen thought, but it is worth it.

As High Mind is activated, you learn to stay present in the moment and catch any negative programming as and when it arises. For instance, the minute you discover a fear-based/negative thought, say out loud 'Cancel, Clear!' and immediately release that thought. Then you can veer off that track, re-centre yourself, and change the nature of your thinking.

The High Mind is willing and able to claim your universal heritage of wholeness and inter-connectedness. It is your birthright to know you are whole and complete unto yourself, a part of the infinite spirit governing the universe, a part of each other, and an intimate part of the planet on which we live. The High Mind is aligned with the higher power that is continuously at work in every single thing that happens in our lives. Developing high-minded attributes will help provide strength, clarity and the ability to see the divine bigger picture and the silver lining contained in all events.

The High Mind knows the truth of your soul because it resonates with the deepest core of your being. It maintains a strong bond with your own inner source of spirit force. With that connection established, it is easier to maintain a peaceful state of mind and sustained heartfelt thinking. Aligning with the soul's purpose, the High Mind stays consciously present in every moment, granting you the personal power of choice.


The High Mind is activated by the magenta colour, a combination of red (a primary colour), and purple (a secondary colour which is a combination of red and blue). Therefore, magenta contains two red rays and one blue.

Red is the colour of activity, creativity, regeneration, sexuality, and vital force. Using the double red ray of magenta, thoughts are ushered into an uplifted state to comprehend a higher power at work. The colour purple assists the mind to synapse with soul level awareness and intuitive wisdom. Blue, contained in purple, creates peace, assisting the mind to maintain tranquility in the midst of an active life.

The double red ray in magenta is extremely powerful and can be used to activate the High Mind and stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands as new mental synapses are created. This alters nerve pathways that are holding old fearful programming in place, and consciously reprograms outdated concepts and attitudes, creating new neural pathways that carry the resonance of wholeness.

With willingness, we can create a residence for the High Mind and activate its specific colour ray to gain dominion over old patterns of thinking while opening up to higher realms of thought. The choice is YOURS.


I have to say that this range of ritual oils and the bottles that hold them have got to be my most favourite, and the most aesthetically pleasing organic packaging I have ever seen! The journey of gathering the earths, minerals, crystals and pigments that adorn these vessels, gently washing, hand grinding, and preparing each ingredient so that I could create sacred spaces (bottles) befitting of the Ritual Oils they carry, was an incredibly nourishing and grounding process in itself and speaks volumes of the medicines these offerings contain.


These Ritual Oils can be used as ceremonial anointing oils, bath and body oils, ideally in the way you yourself feel uniquely drawn to work with them.


Please note that these are hand crafted pure cold pressed oils, created from wild native medicinal herbs. They are not infused oils, nor are they diluted. We do not use essential oils or fragrances in any of our products.

High Mind Ritual Oil (to infuse greater awareness and break mental patterns)

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