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This listing is for one personal set of hand crafted earth, mineral, and botanical colour pigments, by Niamh Criostail.

This is the essence of slow, traditional, hand crafted ritual colour, sacred heART, and earth prayer.

Medicinal plant colours grown from seed, shades of the Celtic Tree calender, finely ground stone and minerals pigments gathered by hand in the high Alps, ochres and mineral rich earths that skirt the Alps and the wild Atlantic coastline in Ireland - all this and more is what creates these unique personal colour palates for artists, therapists, pigment collectors, practitioners, spiritualists, environmentalists, lovers of ritual body adornment, and those who share a fascination with indigenous use of colour.

When you order your personal pigment set, I will get in contact to arrange a consultation so that the perfect set can be created to suit your needs. Each colour is created and processed slowly by hand to retain and enhance the essence of the land, the poetry of time and place. These palates can be for specific therapeutic purposes, spiritual practices, projects, applications, or simply for grounding, connection and contemplation, how you work with them and integrate them into your life is up to you. The materials for these personal palates were lovingly gathered along the landscapes that love and care for me year round both in Ireland and in the Alps. They are a homage to the untamed beauty of this planet and the abundance of wild healing it offers to the mind, body and spirit.

My work with ritual colour and wild pigments is deeply informed by my love of the plant and mineral kingdoms, spiritual ecology, land art, empowering yourself through self healing, and a life long fascination with the Celtic use of pigment for healing and ritual body adornment. My therapeutic approach to curating your personal palate draws on my professional work with medical herbalism, crystal therapeutics, anatomy and physiology, subtle anatomy, native colour traditions (Irish Celtic), psychology, nature based art therapy, and more. All this is kept within the context of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, medicine wheel of the year (solar and lunar cycles, seasons, directions, elements, archetypes etc).

Depending on the material (and the specific processes it requires), a pigment can take between one and two moon cycles to create. Each pigment comes to you in a 10ml recycled glass bottle with a cork stopper, which provides a homeopathic dose of between 5g and 18g (depending on the density of each pigment). Each bottle is adorned with our botanical wheel of the year mandala art and each set comes with its own hand crafted eco printed colour booklet. You also receive written information on each pigment, and tutorials on how to create paints, pastels, inks, and other artist tools with your personal palate. Energetically sealing each set as a sacred tool is a very important ritual detail and both the booklet and boxed set are ritually sealed with wax, a sprig of full moon lunar eclipse Mugwort, a twig of Willow, Lunaria, and Selenite and Garnet crystal powders (see above image of book seal for reference). Note that the images on this listing are of a personal pigment set of earth, mineral, Celtic tree, medicinal herb, and flower pigments that was created especially for a patron in France. This photo is kindly shared with his permission as a visual example of what you can receive.

Irrelevant of whether you work with these pigments for ritual body adornment, for contemplation, self healing, professional therapeutic purposes, creating art, or imprinting prayer heART on the land, I want to encourage reciprocity (connecting with and giving back to the land for that which we have received). For this reason I have included the finely ground Mugwort, Yarrow, Rose and Selenite powder in with your set, and an ecoprinted page for you to write your words for the land. You are invited to ceremoniously gift these as an offering and dedication to the earth on the land where you live, by burying in the soil (earth element offering), gifting to the sea/river (water element offering), burning through fire (fire element offering), or by spreading those burned ashes to the wind (air element offering). This serves as a thank you (to the spirits of the land, these elements and directions) for the adventures and support you'll receive during your process of working with these pigments.

Each boxed set comes in a bed of full moon solar eclipse gathered wild Mugwort - this serves to protect your collection while it is winging its way to you and is to be used as a smoke offering to cleanse your space and connect you with this ritual colour on arrival.

HEARTLANDS Personal Pigment Sets

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  • Ochre (iron based earth and pigments) is an incredibly potent wild medicine. The Celts referred to ochres as representing the 'life blood of the earth' and this is true when you consider it - the life blood of the earth IS its soil, and like our own blood, ochre is rich in iron. The Celts ritually adorned their body with ochres for protection, healing, grounding and journeying spirit. It was believed that wearing ochre connected the life blood of the planet with your own (and vice versa) and through this connection one could safely travel between worlds with an enhanced ability to gain insights from all realms.