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This listing is for one 'Emotional WellBEing' Remedy of your choosing, from The heART of Ritual.


As there are too many to list in a drop down menu, so please list the one(s) you wish to work with in a note with your purchase.



For many, self healing is a complex and multi-layered journey with many different emotions experienced throughout each stage of the process. As such, it should come as no surprise that our Autumn/Water Element season Emotional Wellbeing collection of essences is a large range of plant, tree and crystal pairings for very specific needs.


These remedies are wonderful allies for humans of all ages. I have even worked with these remedies when treating dogs, cats, and horses, and they too respond beautifully.


This particular collection of formulas is specific to the deep healing work relating with emotional wellbeing, womb health, the moon, lunar cycles (and feminine cyclical cycles), release work, bloodlines (inherited trauma and/or family karma), cleansing the waters within (blood, water, and all fluid systems), mother issues, toxic maternal/matriarchial/female relationships (with gender female and/or your feminine aspect within), emotional/physical/sexual trauma, intergenerational cycles of emotional abuse, the psychology and energetic attributes of an underactive and overactive sacral chakra (and associated secondary chakras as per individual themes), underactive or overactive water element in the body, ‘empty nest syndrome’ (the process parents go through once children have left the nest), and more.


Melancholia and depression can also be part of this emotional wellbeing picture too, however it has to be clear that this is as part of trauma/shock/grief processes and not chemical imbalances. If the story/chapter that you are proactively choosing to heal, release, and bring peace to stems from childhood events, then perhaps you’d like to take a look over our Inner Child range.


If you are not familiar with this modality or the virtues of these wild native plants, trees, flowers and crystals, and would like professional assistance to find the one(s) best suited to your needs, please request an in person or skype consult with Niamh via the contact form on the website. Consults are subject to an additional fee, and this fee is not included in this listing. You will also find the other ranges of remedies listed in the shop.




Fireweed - emotional burnout, feeling at the end of your tether

Elecampane - cultivation of self trust, courage to allow your inner light (true self) to shine, emotional decongestant especially where panic attacks with shortness of breath are symptoms

Vipers Bugloss - emotional transformation, renewal, self compassion, comfort in times of hurt, dedication to the path of (self) healing

Meadowsweet - connection with inner divinity. For those who tend to be overly hard and critical of themselves, a colleague to assist us be more gentle and compassionate with ourselves.

Goldenrod - emotional assertiveness

Heather - balance (especially good for those who tend to emotionally overshare and offload on others)

Lady’s Bedstraw - for those suffering with emotional stress based insomnia, to promote peaceful and restful sleep

Nettle - for those who are overly cautious about coming out of their shell (due to past hurt)

Horsetail - strength when we feel knocked down

Queen Anne's Lace - for sexual and emotional imbalances

Raspberry - inner discernment, the wisdom to know when to free ourselves of entanglements, to let go, and move on, gracefully and with dignity

Blackberry - ‘thorn medicine’ (healthy boundaries), adaptability, flexibility, release, surrender

Evening Primrose - illuminating the dark, bringing awareness (and healing) to emotions absorbed in utero, balance between masculine and feminine self

Echinacea - supports those prone to psycho-somatic dis-harmony/illness in times of emotional stress

Clematis - for clarity of direction, groundedness, for times when you feel overwhelmed and tossed around in a sea of emotions

Honeysuckle - for those who find it difficult to move on and/or are filled with regrets

Liverwort - to transmute suppressed anger and be kinder with yourself

Cowslip - for times of doubt, enhances clarity on the keys to your life path

Violet - inner peace, self acceptance, and supports transitions

Solomon's Seal - releasing remorse, self forgiveness, healing toxic maternal relationships

Bluebell - voice, overcoming nervousness, allowing yourself to be heard

Borage - courage

Snowdrop - purity, integrity, innocence, new beginnings

Pulsatilla - to support through deep sorrow, grief, and stress related insomnia. Also indicated for those with an overall weepy constitution

Lady's Mantle - nurtures and supports the emotional heart following betrayal

Vervain - inner wisdom, clarity

Hellebore - death, grief processing, support with letting go

Wild Rose - embodying grace, forgiveness, assistance getting through 'stuck' states

Star of Bethlehem - shock, trauma

Daisy - restoring innocence

Forgetmenot - fear of abandonment, soothes anxiety

Dandelion - hope, resilience, releasing suppressed anger, addiction

Primrose - comforting and soothing

White Yarrow - 'healing the wounded healer', staunching energetic bleeds

Pink Yarrow - protection while healing masculine aspect of Self

Mugwort - cleanse, protect, healing feminine aspect of Self

Lily of the Valley - trusting the path, commitment to healing the shadow

Clary Sage - clarity, ancestral karma, bloodline trauma, womb work

Teasel - for healthy boundaries, to protect from parasitic people, prevent energy bleeds

Feverfew - removal of self imposed limitations, confidence

Belladonna - to clearly see the full picture, for those unable/refusing to look at the shadow

Self Heal (aka All-heal) - stimulates essential life force, aiding recovery, renewal and realignment with your natural (healthy and harmonious) state of BEing


Each remedy comes in a 10ml amber recycled glass dropper bottle adorned with our Botanical Wheel of the Year mandala artwork. These are stock bottles, meaning that they are practitioner quality and strength, and not diluted down. Our remedies use a minute amount of organic European vodka as stabilizer. If you would prefer alcohol free remedies, these can be made to order. These remedies are created by Niamh both in Ireland and in the Alps.


Niamh's other remedies and essences can be found in the ALCHEMY section of the shop.


Emotional WellBEing Remedies

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  • Linden - calming the nerves, soothing anxiety when overwhelmed

    Elder - assists in moving stagnant emotional energy that weighs down in the chest (anxiety/panic attacks)

    Holly - good for those dealing with alot internally and appearing to have short fuse with those around them

    Apple - compassion and gentleness (also a helpful essence when working through shame patterns)

    Willow - adaptability, flexibility, overcoming challenges

    Hawthorn - healthy boundaries

    Oak - strength, exhaustion/overworked

    Rowan - reconciliation, forgiveness, transformation

    Fir - listen, ground and connect

    Pine - letting go of the past, releasing shame based guilt