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When I consider BIOPHILIA, what it means to me, and the magical message it carries for each of us, trying to write a ‘formal text’ for it would be like trying to explain the smell of a wildflower meadow on a summers day to a city dweller who has never been outside the building. Unless you have tried it, felt it, tasted it, or heard it yourself, trying to describe full sensory experience is futile.

BIOPHILIA needs to be experienced first hand, allowed the space to grow with you, and fully explored, so any attempt to define those perimeters would be to limit your own experience, growth, and imagination, and give a generalized prescriptive approach to what is your unique journey. I respect you too much to generalize, and that is not how I work either. I don't do 'add hot milk and stir'...

Instead, I will gift time for us to be here for a few moments - time to explore this, some sort of a rudimentary manifesto dressed up as story medicine, word play, and sparkly spells within these lines. It’s consciously written to chapbook length, pocket sized, and completely mobile, words to take with you wherever you go. No staples to catch on your jeans, instead there's a lovely hand stitched spine.

The lack of literal definition for BIOPHILIA is sure to whittle the wheat from the chaff, and those who live expecting instantaneous gratification, quick fixes, or refer to the google gods for answers will hit the ‘next’ button immediately. That's perfectly ok with me you see, because magic mingles with those who allow themSelves to dare to dream and if you are one of those courageous ones, then lets read further, together.

As all epic adventures have three stages, this too is presented to you as that classical three fold journey of initiation, a rite of passage or walkabout that entails of the following:

1) the big departure (leaving the tribe/the going out into the world and making your own way)
2) the experiences, the trials and tribulations (self explanatory)
3) the triumpant return (to the camp/tribe/society)

Whether we speak in terms of the hero(ine) or you, it is the same thing. In modern society however, this means is to reclaim yourSelf fully and authentically. Preferably in a humble way.

The heART of Ritual BIOPHILIA Cards

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    The thing is, most grown ups have forgotten the god in small things and the gift of time. In today’s fast paced society, people try to evade, outlive, and outrun time itself. In between, everything needs to be bigger, better, faster, flashier, louder, ...more. They want to be sold on something immediately, or they move on. Makers and producers develop these skills via a cleverly written sales pitch, an angle, marketing blurb, carefully curated images, and a killer PR spin (or celeb endorsement) all in one short paragraph that will capture you in that moment, and monetize it. There is no place for magic or imagination, and where there is, it is literal and spoonfed. It's not wild. It's not even domesticated, it's fabricated for the mass market for an industry that is becoming a well oiled machine - conveyor belt consumerism based on the principles of supertrawler fishing - get the biggest ship possible, pay the workers very badly, select good bait, cast the football field sized net, reel in the catch en masse, throw the dead bycatch overboard (making sure to puree it first so you don't get caught and people can’t accuse you of unsustainable practices), and cash in, making sure to tell people it is caught in the wild on the packaging. Sound familiar? Think about this for a few moments...

    Then there are those who might be like me, living life as a curious creature, still wearing childlike eyes that are easily enchanted, their favourite word is ‘why?’, and they wonder about random things like why ‘cheese’ is called cheese and how they came up with that word for that food, or why is it that the washing machine eats just one of each pair of your socks. These are the ones that will read on, knowing that they are allowing time and space for the imagination, surprise, the mystical, the magical and the marvelous to occur. The unexplored peripheries. The unknown. These grown ups are the creatives, the thinkers, the dreamers, and the risk takers, and this imagination, authenticity, willingness and curiosity is necessary in order for us to have a good ole chat.

    I don’t even know how to fish, but if I were to make a fishing rod, it would probably be using a snow fallen branch I gathered in winter (or pruned in spring), some cordage I made from the left over stalks of nettles that I gathered for their seeds and leaves in teas or foods, and bait...I don’t know, I would probably offer a song or a belly button tickle. I heard salmon like to be tickled, but I could have easily dreamed that up - I certainly will not ruin that image by googling if it is real or not, for my mind loves the fantasy of it all. Imagine it, sitting by the waters edge tickling salmons belly buttons just for fun, how glorious! I would sit at the water's edge singing and playing with the fishing rod, giving a tickle or twelve, and maybe even the salmon, trout and whoever else lives there, would join in on the chorus. Afterwards, they would swim home and I would trot off happy to have had the company, forgetting that I was hungry in the first place. That’s a pretty good synopsis of my reality, focus and priority is on nourishment for the heart and soul.

    BIOPHILIA, and all of my offerings, extend far beyond the physical. They are invitations into the unseen and unspoken territories of the heART of BEing. What I do invites you to slow down, to take stock, to be mindful and aware of absolutely everything around you and within you in each moment. This is why a three sentence sales pitch would nullify everything I try to achieve with what I do. The irony is that I need to tell you about BIOPHILIA in order for you to hear about it, so I am going to do so in the most roundabout way possible so that there is space left to the imagination and you have a place to dream. These words are woven to introduce you to the landscape of BIOPHILIA, and if you observe the terroir closely enough (perhaps with the assistance of