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Blúiríní Béaloidis 12 - St. Patrick In Folk Tradition

The 17th of March sees countries the world over celebrate Saint Patrick's Day - a day which is commonly marked with large parades and revelry held in honour of the Ireland's patron saint. But what do we know of the historical figure of Patrick, and how is he viewed in folk tradition? What relation does he bear to the Pagan order that preceded him, and how is he represented in the early literature?

Join hosts Claire Doohan and Jonny Dillon for this month's edition of Blúiríní Béaloidis as they consider the figure of St. Patrick, the pilgrimages still made in his honour and the impact he had, not only in Ireland, but further afield all over Europe. From Skerries in the east to Croagh Patrick in the west, from Duhallow in the south to Lough Derg in the north, join us in breaking our Lenten Fast as we give honour Ireland's patron saint.


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