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ELEMENTS by Niamh Croistail™

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ELEMENTS by Niamh Criostail is her Solar collection that journeys elements and seasonal ritual within the Celtic Wheel of the Year.


This prestige subscription service includes one ELEMENTS by Niamh Criostail™ physical collection delivered to your door each season over four consecutive seasons. Each collection contains an exclusive selection of up to ten full sized products and ritual items from The heART of Ritual Alchemy, Apothecary, SkinFOOD, SoulFOOD; and Ceremony & Ritual.


Each collection comes to you in an absolutely stunning, locally handcrafted, large wooden box that is engraved with our botanical Wheel of the Year prayer mandala - the perfect treasure trove for your hand crafted ritual items, and more! Also included is the complete set of extensive written and audio offerings that accompanies the seasonal themes of each ELEMENTS collection. Full information on ELEMENTS by Niamh Criostail™ can be read below.


This service is available to subscribers worldwide. Subscription price includes postage costs (with online tracking facilities), packaging costs, and insurance coverage for contents.

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about elements by niamh croistail


These home retreat collections are gifts of radical self love, discovery, and wHolistic wellBEing for the mind, body and spirit. Based on the Earth’s natural cycles and seasons within the framework of the Celtic wheel of the year, and drawing on aspects of Niamh’s residential retreat programs, The heART of Ritual MOONCARDS™and MOONWHEEL™, and BIOPHILIA Mentorship™ program, her home retreat collections beautifully assist you to remember, reconnect, reclaim, and re-embody your natural state of Divine BEing. It is the ultimate expression of restorative time, the opportunity to slow down, to nourish and nurture on all levels, and to do so in a way that respectfully honors both this planet and yourSelf, as ONE. 


Each of these unique handcrafted collections represent a bond and trust in the wild and natural world, one that is deeply rooted in sustainable ritual and living ceremony. Working with native ingredients to enhance your connection with the land, each collection that you receive contains mindfully curated offerings from all five areas of her ‘Stone Mad Healing Star’ - ALCHEMY, APOTHECARY, SkinFOOD, SoulFOOD, and CEREMONY & RITUAL. Each collection is complemented by an extensive selection of audio and written files which include guided meditations, visualizations, mindfulness exercises, wisdom offerings, tutorials, wild seasonal recipes, insights, and more, gifting you the opportunity to dive deeper and cultivate the sacred, within. 


From the comfort of your own personal space, these collections will assist you to establish your roots, seed inner knowing, build awareness, foster skill sets, cultivate personal ceremony, deepen connection, and support the great remembering along the journey yourSelf.


Each collection is dedicated to a specific theme which uniquely relates with the energy of that cycle within the wheel of the year, and the corresponding levels of BEing. While the theme is announced and insights shared into the creation of each collection, the collections are not fully revealed until you receive it at home. The reason for this approach is twofold; it deeply nourishes the inner child through the magic of wonder, joy, and enchantment, and it relates with the gift of presence, the art of letting go, and developing trust at a core level. These are powerful catalysts for personal healing on all levels, and vital skill sets for modern living. 


Both of these home retreat subscriptions are  expertly facilitated for you and should you choose to dive in, this journey will assist you to develop new awareness and appreciation in every moment and begin to experience both your surroundings, and yourSelf, through new eyes.


Each offering you receive in your collection is lovingly co-created with nature, by Niamh, for you. Everything is 100% natural, organic, wildcrafted, sustainably harvested, biodynamic, cruelty free, ethical, created ceremoniously, and handmade with LOVE. All offerings are made with real ingredients, by her own hands, with native ingredients grown in her own garden and sustainably gathered in the wild. Everything is small batch, raw, vegan, sugar free, GMO free, palm free, wheat free, soy free, and essential oil free. Just pure natural goodness, offered up for your healing experiences, wellBEing, and ceremonial pleasure.


Every act you make in partnership with the Earth is an act of peaceful resistance. Every seed you plant, every cup of herbal tea you drink, every natural remedy you take, and every wound you heal with a homemade ointment is a powerful declaration of independence, resistance, and resilience in the world today. It is the mindful choice to reclaim your power to reconnect (to Self and the ALL), and fully embody your ability to self heal. 


Niamh’s way of sharing this and gently raising awareness of symbiotic interconnection is to consciously bridge the divide between spirituality and activism by bringing sustainable green ceremony and living ceremony to the forefront. Doing so not alone honors the whole, but honors the Self, as a unique contributing part of the whole. By honoring that which is around us, our external landscape, we allow ourSelves to nourish and honor the altar within...our inner landscape. 


This is the golden thread that interconnects and vibrates through Niamh and her unique service, and what she lovingly weaves through ‘The heART of Ritual’. Her expert curation of each collection, the potent native ingredients she gathers, the way each offering within a collection is ceremoniously crafted, how it is lovingly presented as a feast for the eyes, and the accompanying sacred narratives are a nod to these ancient healing ways and beautifully reflect her approach to full sensory holistic experience. 


This is her love song to the world and simultaneously a call to personal adventure and activism, for within it lays the invitation to the path of Self discovery, Self empowerment, and sacred reconnection with the ALL. 


As a nature lover and responsible human, Niamh does all that she can to ensure all that she does is as environmentally friendly, zero waste, and sustainable as possible. This is her mindful expression of love and gratitude for this planet, and her way of offering up respect to all those who call Earth their home.


Her home retreat collections are no exception and great care and consideration is given to all aspects of these offerings. All glass is recycled (or upcycled) and locally sourced. Paper, paper tape and labels are 100% post consumer recycled fibers and are processed in a totally chlorine free process using soy-based ink. The clear bags are made from vegetable cellulose and compostable, the inks are non toxic, and only natural materials are used as packing materials. Her aim and promise is to continue developing this further so that this is fully aligned with, and part of, these ceremonial offerings. 


In the spirit of sustainable ceremony, her commitment to earth stewardship, and personal goals for zero waste, all written and audio materials are shared digitally, which saves paper, cuts back on waste and allows her to make ‘The heART of Ritual’ an even greener offering. This actively empowers you by offering a choice in how you choose to receive the files with the download versus print option, and also gifts her the opportunity to share even more without having the limitations of physical space in the box!


All subscriptions follow the natural cycle of the year; they emerge/begin in the Spring (the great awakening) and end with Winter (inner worlds, stillness).


ELEMENTS by Niamh Criostail™ ships once a season and runs over four consecutive seasons beginning with Spring and ending with Winter. The deadline to subscribe for the yearly collections is November 15th of the previous year, subscriptions are offered on a first come first served basis only. Subscriptions received after this deadline are automatically signed up for the following cycle. (For instance, to sign up for the 2022 cycle, you will need to subscribe on or before November 15th 2021 (as long as stock lasts) - any subscriptions received thereafter will be for the Jan - Dec 2023 cycle. Subscriptions are offered on a first come first served basis only, and by signing up you are agreeing to the full yearly subscription. 


Collections are handmade to order throughout the year. No refunds are offered on cancellations.


For your convenience, subscription prices include postage costs (with online tracking facilities), packaging costs, and insurance coverage for contents. Shipping rates are based on the weight and dimension of the packages and sent with DHL/Deutsche Post. International and UK subscribers are liable for any customs and/import charges that may be incurred. 


This service is facilitated in the English language only.


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